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by Sarah Leite

1. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Never be shy about asking any professional how much work they have done. Ask to see photos of their work, flowers, cake and photographer.

2. Keep a scrapbook with cut outs from wedding magazines to help describe the concept for your wedding.

3. Know what you want and be extremely specific with what you need.

4. Be organised, have a diary, keep a file with all your scrapbook ideas, plan ahead, don't leave for tomorrow what can be done today.

5. Have a make-up and hair trial, and don't be afraid to change stylists if necessary, this will make you feel at ease on the day knowing that your “look” is as you want it. Purchase the lipstick your artist uses on you so you can touch up.

6. Take a friend. Whether it is to choose your flowers, table decorations or “the Dress”, bring someone with you whose opinion you trust. It's great to have someone you trust to bounce ideas off.

7. Have an emergency kit on the day with bandaids, safety pins, small sewing kit, panadol, cotton tips, tissues, and bobby pins.

8. Try to arrange some time on the day even if it is 15 minutes where the two of you can take a moment out to savour the magic of your wedding day. After all this day is all about YOU! 

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Posted by Sarah Leite
15 Feb 2008

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