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by Migrant Saffa


Bianca and I went out to dinner at Wellington Point's Legends Restaurant, which was having an African Feast evening where R200 gets you as much food as you want. The menu included oxtail, paella, chicken a la king, babotie, wors, pap and sous. Just when my belly button was about to pop off and my stomach burst open and scatter seven metres of intestines everywhere, they brought out the deserts, which included koeksusters, peppermint crisp pudding and melk tert. When we could take more we paid and rolled home.

I took Friday off and we caught the early ferry across to Stradbroke Island along with some mates for my birthday weekend. We set up camp under the trees halfway down Flinders Beach, A small creek kept the kids busy while we enjoyed the spectacular sunset. Things certainly began to deteriorate once we were all huddled around the camp fire after dinner. Numerous stories, which had been exaggerated out of all proportion, had us all in stiches under the starry sky.

As usual the kookaburras and crows woke the children at first light and they, in turn, ensured that the adults didn't get much sleep after that. An early morning dip took care of all our hygienic needs and a visit to the long drop had us ready for another day of feasting. We set up the gazebo and cocktail bar above the high water mark and had all the professional trimmings done before Bianca and the moms rolled out snack platters fit for a (40 year old) king. The dads, feeling creative, concocted a fruit punch more lethal than an uppercut. The scene was set with most of the guests dressed in Hawaiian outfits. It was the best setting any ‘old' beach bum could ask for. The Old Tawny Port ensured a good night's sleep and the next morning started with a much needed coffee.


You guys are lucky to hear from us today as we nearly had a premature sea burial while heading back from Horseshoe Bay yesterday. We joined the Nichols for breakfast on their new luxury cruiser and spent the day swimming and tubing behind Naartjie in the crystal clear blue water. At lunch time the Walsh family and ourselves decided to head home. When we came around the western side of Peel Island we were faced with a strong northerly wind and flushing spring tide which created three metre high waves. I quickly picked up my walkie talkie and made a reverse charges call to the big man upstairs to find out if they were expecting anyone with our name at the pearly gates. We pounded our way through the swell, all getting soaked from the spray, and made slow progress back to the main land. We nearly had to test our life jackets when one unexpected wave came from the side, but with a bit of patience we just made it back to Wellington Point alive.

“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie…mooi, mooi, mooi” is our new war cry (unless we play the Bokke) as we became Australian citizens last week and are now entitled to Australian passports. Kevin Rudd now has to look after us as we promised to follow the traditions and laws of Australia and vote in all their elections (voting is compulsory here and you get a fine if you don't). Well the bags are packed, the seats booked and we have only one more sleep until we leave for our African safari. We are all very excited to see everyone back home and share some camp fire stories.

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Posted by Migrant Saffa
09 Feb 2010

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