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by Dave Robinson

The recent formation of the Gold Coast's own A league football team, Gold Coast United, was the inspiration for a group of under-fit and overweight mainly ex-South African migrants to decide to get back on the soccer field.

Local entrepreneur Gary Scallan took the lead by registering Rainbow United in the over 45s league. The team name turned out to be fitting, as members include a Scot, a few Australians, a Brazilian, a German and two Kiwis.

When 11 intrepid middle-aged explorers donned their boots and shin guards for the first time in 25 years, imagining they could still do the things they had been able to pre grey hair and beer boep, little did we know most of us would suffer pulled muscles, torn ligaments, and various aches and pains at some stage during the tournament.

Nevertheless, we won the first match 5-0, with a lot of help from our goalkeeper (who is allowed to be younger than 45). Unfortunately we didn't actually win another match on merit. On paper, however, we won a third of the matches because various opponents, by including under 45s reserves in their teams, forfeited the points.

Team members included accountants, stockbrokers, chefs, CEOs, regular blokes, an eye specialist (who later admitted to never having played soccer before, though we would never have known that), and an army PT instructor who could run circles around everyone.

All in all it was a lot of fun and probably worth the aches and pains. We have emerged somewhat fitter and stronger.

Anyone who wants to give it a go next season, especially if you used to know a bit about the game and still think of yourself as a could-have-been David Beckham, can contact Gary on 0414 812 285 or scallang@optusnet.com.au. The 15 match season lasts from April to October and there is a pre-season league that starts in January.

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Posted by Dave Robinson
10 Dec 2009

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