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by Roderick Walmsley
What a beautiful winter we have had on the Gold Coast. The rain held off long enough for us to enjoy the gorgeous days and the fish played the game. The Walmsley family has become happily accustomed to having a new born in the household and Kevin has settled in nicely. My new boat has even been getting its fair share of attention once again. The Suzuki 4 stroke on the back has proven to be a winner with the rising fuel costs, which help me justify the offshore trips to my lovely wife, not to mention the fresh snapper and sweet lip fillets for dinner.

August is usually a very good time to be out on the water, unfortunately it is also the change of the seasons and the weather can be extremely fickle. One needs to keep a vigilant eye on the conditions offshore around this period especially when crossing bars. The warm winter woollies cannot be abandoned just yet, but can soon be left at home in the coming months. The rivers also fish extremely well and seem to be a lot less affected by weather. As the day to day temperatures start to warm up the fish generally feel this change coming on and start to feed a lot more aggressively. The lakes, rivers and offshore species alike all feel this change and if you can get out on the water around this time of the year then you can expect to get amongst them.

The target species also start to vary with the change coming on. Summer species will slowly become more prevalent with some of the species overlapping until the warm currents take effect. Bream, blackfish and tailor will start to make way for whiting, mackerel and marlin. The offshore bottom bashing gear will also begin to be replaced with the trolling gear and with this unfortunately so will the odd fuel bill. Donít pack the snapper gear away just yet, as last year they kept biting well into summer. We actually made some of our best catches around September and November on the inshore reefs while fishing with plastics. So if you keep plugging away the results shouldnít be too far behind.

It might still be a bit early for marlin but we often experience an early run of these prized sportfish for about a week in September, if we get a sudden spike in water temperature. This just means that if you get out on the water and find the sea temperature has jumped a few degrees overnight donít be shy to have a troll over the popular marlin spots or fish a few live baits through the bait schools.

Summer is coming here on the Gold Coast and with it some exciting times on the fishing front. I have got a deal going with my wife that if I change enough nappies then I can go fishing, but only if I change enough!

See you on the water, maybe!


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Posted by Roderick Walmsley
15 Aug 2008

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