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by Deborah Atkins

A regular column by our local decorator, Deborah Atkins. (Author 38)

In each issue Deborah will address a decorating problem, so send in your questions and queries (photos will help too) and we will feature a solution in each issue. Interiors should never be static and unchanging. Moods change, lifestyles evolve and seasons bring their own magic.
Transform your bedroom from wintery warmth into spring freshness
Soft furnishings are the perfect way to shift your mood and suit the seasons. They can be changed relatively simply without incurring major expense and can result in a totally new look for your room. What better place to start the transformation than your haven, the bedroom? There’s nothing cozier in winter than to snuggle into a warm, soft bed and you can make it even more inviting with soft, faux fur or woolen throws and scatter cushions in a multitude of textures from pleated to feathered and fringed to furry.
They may be the bane of our men’s lives as they have to remove them before getting into bed, but cushions artfully arranged on a bed can make a dull bedroom instantly glamorous. For winter, choose and mix warm, earthy colours like mochas and chocolate, rich golds, deep burgundies and warm olives. Think of hot chocolate, warm brandy and mulled wine for your inspiration.
What better colour to choose for spring but green? It’s the colour of new shoots, fresh grass and tiny buds. The trick is to use a range of greens from lime to apple, instead of one solid shade and you can add a touch of orange, pink or yellow for contrast and extra colour infusion, if the mood takes you! So with our cold winter nights evolving into warmer, bright spring mornings, change your bed linen to suit the seasons and wake up to a totally fresh new look.
Tips for Beautiful Bedrooms:

1. Always have some type of bedhead both for comfort when sitting in bed and for “crowning” or framing your bed. It acts as the back drop for your pillows and cushions.

2. Try using pillows and cushions asymmetrically instead of in pairs for a new relaxed look (see pics). Use different sized cushions together.

3. Change the way you stack your pillows. Piled one on top of the other for a more formal look (good for plain pillows) or upright for a more casual look and to show off pillow cases with a pattern. Mix plain pillows with patterned ones for more interest.

4. A bed that has bed linen in layers always looks inviting – a crisp top sheet folded back over the doona and a cozy throw at the foot of the bed make the weary feel very welcome and Cocooned.
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Posted by Deborah Atkins
29 Oct 2008

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