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by Philip Scott
Up to now I've been all talk, and haven't delivered any proof of successes with all my talk about systems.
I've spent years implementing systems for clients, but finally we have a real opportunity to do it for ourselves .. .with a "real" business that operates the way most people understand :)
Shane and I just bought a little printing business called Island Printing (www.islandprinting.com.au) on Hope Island, a very popular area for South Africans to settle in on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
We literally just took it over last week, and while the business has been providing pretty good customer service and good quality printing ... there are no systems in place. Currently it depends completely on the staff knowing what they're doing (which is just as well that they do!).
So the first step in every business automation/systemisation process ... get to know the business! So for now I'll just be learning how everything works. I can't implement system that tells people how to do stuff if I don't know myself how to do it. The nice thing about coming into an industry that I don't have a lot of experience with is that I see things that others just accept as the norm. I like to ask questions. My favourite questions is: Why?
In the following weeks and months I will take you through my journey as we implement systems to make this business soar :)
Posted in business | Island Printing and Design
Posted by Philip Scott
14 Dec 2011

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