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by Mandy Andrews
When Hungry, Eat by Joanne Fedler should be set reading for any woman that has plans to or already has migrated from South Africa to Australia. Joanne has been able to put in to words what most of us have trouble sorting out in our minds.
A book that I initially thought would be entirely about weight loss had me engaged to the point that I had not even finished reading it and I found myself already recommending it to friends.
Joanne, and I say Joanne because I feel like I know her personally, captures her story of weight loss amidst her personal journey of self-discovery with such raw emotion and deep passion that you can't help just wanting to give her a hug. Being a migrant myself I felt as if I'd learnt something through the writers' journey. The story is written with beautiful metaphor and deep representation. Joanne shares her soul and had me smiling in recollection of my own experiences, even weeping occasionally and then laughing with joy.
This book will remain on my bookshelf and I will return to read it again and again.
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Posted by Mandy Andrews
14 Oct 2011

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The County Treasurer has the rules. You get a bidder nmebur for free. At the auction, you raise your bidder paddle when they announce the property you want. You must pay 2 years of back taxes. The money must be paid in cash or cashiers check in 24 hours. If the owner of the house does not pay for 3 more years, you can go to court and get the deed. If he doesn't pay for 5 more years (7 total) you don't have to go to court; the Treasurer hands you a deed. All mortgages are wiped out. If the owner pays up later, you get all your money back plus interest (16% or more).The only issue is that 5 of the properties i got were so flawed that they had no value. i had wasted my money and wished i had never heard of Tax Lien Certificates.
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by Svetlana on 28 Oct 2015

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