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by Sharlene Striepe
Honeymoon Dive is the story of Tina Watson who died on the Great Barrier Reef while diving with her husband of only 11 days. As the tragedy unfolded it seemed that something more sinister might have occurred. This book attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery.
A great read, more so if you are into scuba diving, as a lot of the terms and things mentioned you would understand as well. If you are not a scuba diver, well it actually gives a lot of info, things that I never knew, so it is an interesting way of learning.
I found the court cases a bitboring, but then most books with that are a bit boring to get to the bottom of the case or story. The outcome, well it leaves you wondering is he guilty or is he not guilty, as they say with scuba diving deaths it is hard to determine, and now I can see why. I found it interesting the way thestory involved two countries, and felt saddened for both families involved. Anyone with a child will feel for both sides. If you put yourself in their position, you realise that it would be hard for any parent.
We can now only wait and see if the criminal trial will go ahead and what the outcome will be. I just hope there will be some closure for all parties involved.
I must say I do not think I would want to scuba dive. It sounds very interesting andfun, and must be amazing to experience the underwater, but after reading this book, I feel I would not be able to do it. Those are just my thoughts though.
So, yes, if you are into scuba diving, and mystery, the book is great as you do want to read to the endto find outthe outcome. With regard to family matters, many people will relate to this and the fights that go on, especially when there have been deaths, and when a death cannot be explained there are many unanswered questions.
I just feel sad that if he is guilty, to think this poor woman loved and trusted someone and was let down in such a way and, of course, if he did not kill her, for him to be blamed for nothing, that is truly sad and it would be due to the media and their opinion of him. The way he acted did leave a person wondering though.
Being a parent myself, there is also the aspect of when our children date andare looking for ‘the right one'. In addition, I only want what is best for my daughter and would also leave no stone unturned if my daughter died on her honeymoon in those circumstances.
Honeymoon Dive is published by Pan Macmillan (RRP $34.99)
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Posted by Sharlene Striepe
16 Sep 2011

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