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by Peter Swensson

In the last edition of Sabona I wrote about the two choices that we have in business when it comes to finding customers. We can either ‘chase' after customers or we can ‘attract' customers

If we want to ‘attract' customers to our business, we would choose to work by referral. If we choose to work by referral we need to recognise that this requires a different strategy to the traditional marketing methods that we have been using for so many years.

So many of us never get this right because we falsely believe that the only way to work by referral is to provide excellent customer service.

This may be an obvious assumption, but the truth is that recent research has shown that satisfied clients don't always refer. Service excellence alone is not enough to guarantee repeat and referral business, according to Wendy Kinney's Exceptional Network Marketing.

The main reason for this is that the modern day consumer is far more discerning than in the past. We are exposed to a much wider choice of products and services, we are sceptical towards most forms of advertising and we are all too busy to remember anything really special about a particular product or service for more than a couple of months. Without the essential link between good service and an ongoing relationship, there's really not much chance of retaining customer loyalty, let alone generating referrals!

While service excellence is indeed an essential ingredient for working exclusively by referral, it needs to be exploited and retained. The way to do that is to combine it with a custom designed relationship management system.

If we have gone to all the trouble of providing excellent service, let's also go to the trouble of keeping in touch and maintaining an already good relationship. We do this with the help of a system that ensures that not only do we get all of our client's repeat business, we also get numerous referrals.

A tailor made system, called The Turn Key System, that has been developed makes it easy for small businesses to retain and maintain the value of good relationships achieved during the transaction process, far into the future. The system has been developed using research and proven documented data.

Through this research and past results, we have determined that in order to achieve ‘raving fan' status with your customers, there are a certain number and a certain variation of types of communication that must take place over a given period of time.

Instead of losing contact with customers after you have completed a transaction with them (typically because we are too busy chasing new customers), this system provides a means for you to maintain contact in the correct format and sequence. It also comes with all the tools and materials that are necessary to carry out this strategy in the correct format and sequence.

The end result is that you have a professionally executed system that operates with minimal input and effort from yourself and yet your clients' experience is that you are paying special and professional attention to them! The loyalty and resultant referrals that follow are priceless!

In the next edition we will detail a step by step process of how to go about implementing this system in your business.

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Posted by Peter Swensson
25 Jun 2009

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