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by Peter Swensson

So you're in business or you're thinking of going into business? When it comes to marketing or simply getting customers for your business, you have two choices:

1. You can ‘chase after' customers or

2. You can ‘attract' customers

How nice would it be if we didn't have to advertise, do promotions, cold calling, door knocking? How nice it would be if once we received a response from whatever form of marketing we did, we didn't have to spend days sometimes weeks painstakingly applying all of our personal selling skills trying to convince them to buy our product or service.

How nice it would be if we didn't have to compete with other suppliers. How nice if our customers came to us having already made the decision that they want to do business with us. Just think how much more time we would have on our hands, how much of a better service we could provide and obviously, how much more money we could make?

I say, stop dreaming and make a decision. Make a decision to implement a strategy that causes customers to come looking for you, warm qualified and ready to do business.

We get what we aim for! If we keep using marketing techniques that can only generate leads that are cold then that's all we will get. We then have to spend an enormous amount of effort and persuasive powers in order to convert the leads into sales.

Most people are unaware of a strategy that specifically targets warm qualified referrals. They generally think that the only way to generate referral business is by providing excellent customer service. This may well apply in the short term but modern day living isso overloaded with ‘busyness', hectic schedules and advertising overload that people are quick to forget.

Especially when we are bombarded with so much choice and variety, even to the point of irritation! Recent research has shown that satisfied clients don't always refer. Service excellence alone is not enough to guarantee repeat and referral business. It has to be combined with something else. That ‘something else' is the key to mastering the art of working by referral.

That ‘something else' is a mechanism for taking the period of association during which your client experienced excellent customer service, and retaining the value of that experience in your customer's mind andextending it far into the future. This is achieved through effective database management using specialized software based on specific relationship building research. The research upon which the software has been programmed has determined the precise strategy that is required to achieve this key!

Next month we will take a closer look at the specific combination of these two elements which are designed to create ‘raving fans' and loyal ‘advocates' out of all your customers.
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Posted by Peter Swensson
22 Apr 2009

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