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by Anonymous


It was sadly back to work on the 3rd with a very slow and long week with a daily craving for bacon and eggs around 10am and a nap after lunch. The start of the touch rugby season was very evident when I fell out of bed on Saturday morning and could hardly walk.

I woke up the other morning feeling a little tired but a carton of beer richer and my sporting pride firmly reinstated after I witnessed the Proteas convincingly whip the Aussies. My two Aussie mates, Rob and Gordon, who joined us took a deserved sledging through most of the second half as we used pizzas, pies, chook rolls and hot dogs to wash down the beers. Apart from the cricket the entertainment included the Mexican cup wave, bouncing beach balls, rude remarks, paper aeroplanes and of course some betting on the side which Bianca somehow won. I was also honoured with a call from some old mates in SA who were all in showroom condition after the SA victory. Each of them must have been near alcohol poisoning as they all confessed to missing us and that they enjoyed reading my updates.

Our public holiday called Australia Day, which is a day dedicated to all new Australians and those who have contributed in some way to the community, was spent in the lovely Colmslie Park along the Brisbane River with Alistair and his family. So we did the usual Aussie things: played cricket, ate prawns and lamb and drank lots of beer. We seem to do a lot of that, but with our average temperatures in the 30's, what do you expect?


Like most things in Australia you need a certificate or a card to do almost everything, except going to the loo of course, so I attended a ‘Blue Card' course last week, which is something you need to go to a building site. It would have been a little tricky to pass if they hadn't made it an open book exam and even gave us most of the answers. One also needs a Blue Card (different card but also called blue??) for teaching and coaching kids. I guess it's because they could both make you mental?

The train strike on Friday stuffed up my plans to have a few beers after work and I found myself on the touch rugby field instead. We got up early on Saturday and chucked our camping gear into the back of the Pajero and headed off to Thunderbird Park on Mount Tambourine. This beautiful mountain at the back of the Gold Coast is covered in Rain forests with crystal clear rivers cascading down the little valleys and was the venue chosen for a friend's birthday party. We pitched camp along with four other families next to a river before heading off to do some fossicking in the largest deposit of thundereggs (crystals formed inside a rock from volcanic lava) in the world.

The morning was spent in the open-cut mine in the blazing hot sun. Once all the kids had their thunderegg rocks cut open we headed up the river to a deep rock pool where they all jumped in from 3m high side ledges, much too some parent's distress. After a cool swim I headed back to camp to prepare a lamb curry potjie which even the pommy couple enjoyed. The morning rain didn't stop the kids from playing in the river while we packed up camp and headed home.

My dear wife's birthday came and went. As she slowly gets used to being a year older, so her smile and good mood return. We have decided that we are going through a midlife crissis and the only way to cope is that she is going to have to get used to her dimply bum and I'm going to have to get used to my natural highlights and playing touch rugby with the ‘Golden Oldies.'
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Posted by Anonymous
22 Apr 2009

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