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by Illana Klevansky
 In 1982, while still living in South Africa, Illana Hitner Klevansky wrote ‘THE KUGEL BOOK” which was reprinted 4 times and became something of a cult classic. (A Kugel is the South African version of a JAP: Jewish American or Australian Princess).

The book was a humorous, social commentary on the unique qualities of Kugels, and why they play such an endearing role within the lexicon of Jewish women.

After migrating with her family to Perth in 1985, she started writing and performing her work, and over 20 years has written many shows in different comedy genres

Her performed works include:

‘The Full Moishe”, “Malice In The Palace”, “Esther Queen Of The Dessert”, “Wizo: Voice Of Life”, “The Wedding Nana” and most recently the ‘Degenerate Housewives’

Illana has been involved in fundraising activities for a variety of causes, and in 2006 was nominated as “The West Australian Citizen of the Year” for her contribution to Arts and Culture in W.A.

Her new solo show ‘KUGEL!’ is an observational comedy about migration, marriage, motherhood, menopause, makeovers, matchmaking, machers, machetonim and being a maven on everything from keeping kosher to kosher sex! It features a series of monologues and music, delves up front and personal with the joys of ageing disgracefully and immigration

Illana pinpoints her observations from her own experiences of growing up Jewish in apartheid South Africa, studying Afrikaans at University whilst speaking Yiddish at home. This one evening event will have you roaring with laughter,as proven by Illana’s previous sell out stage Shows, the latest being “Degenerate Housewives” produced in 2005

Pinches of satire, mixed with dollop’s of smaltze…. and a ladle of nostalgic irony. This unique theatrical experience performed in English, Afrikaans and Yiddish will entertain anyone who has immigrated, is maturing disgracefully and just wants a good belly laugh

‘KUGEL!’ will debut at the OCTAGEN THEATRE on Saturday June 21st 2008 for a ONE SHOW ONLY, and all proceeds will be donated to not for profit organisation, WIZO

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Posted by Illana Klevansky
16 Jun 2008

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