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by Shandell and Rialet, Entelect Solutions

We all know how hard it is to create a resume. For most of us, it is hard to write about yourself. We don't want to sound arrogant, but we have to sell ourselves. So how do you set up a resume? Below are some tips from a pair of vibrant ladies who have a combined 6years experience in the recruitment industry here in QLD, Australia. Length of your resume

This too is a confusing issue as “they say” it should not be more than 3 pages and “they say”, it must be longer! Who is this “they”? We would love to meet them…

Please remember your resume is your ‘sales agent'. The prospective employer or agency needs to see exactly what it is that you have done and are doing now. Your resume needs to include the following:

  • Your name and surname
  • Your contact details (phone number with area code + email address)
  • Your career objectives
  • A brief summary of your skills
  • Your education (high school, tertiary qualifications and other courses you may have done)
  • Your work experience (Your current or last place of work first and work backwards)
  • Your hobbies or other interests (at the end – if you wish)
Again, your resume needs to highlight your skills and experiences. So give the prospective employer as much information about you as possible. We are not saying tell them about your personal history and how many chickens, cats and dogs you have (you'll be surprised what some people add in their resume); you need to be very clear on your day-to-day duties and responsibilities. Clear and concise bullet points are a great idea. Don't write paragraphs and paragraphs as we don't want to put anyone to sleep either. An example would be:

ABC Electrical Company

Jan 2000 until current Position held: Electrical Drafter

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Cad expert
  • Overseeing of 4 technical drawing staff; motivation; drawing quality etc
  • Ensuring that drawings comply with technical standards
  • Ensure that deadlines are met with regards to completion of drawings
  • Involved in Planning, budgeting and negotiating project plans and roll outs
  • And so on and so on

Spell Check your resume

This is SO IMPORTANT! It is vital that you spell check your resume (set your spell check to English/Australian).

The front page

A lot of people like to create a spectacular first page and list their names, addresses, contact number, health check, star signs, Spouse and children's names, ages, DOB, hobbies etc on – PLEASE DON'T – by the time the client reads all that, they have to go to a meeting or they are in too much of a rush finding the best candidate. They will put your resume aside and miss out on finding you to be the right candidate for the job.

All you need on the front page (and you can even make it a header or footer so that it appears on each page) is your Name, Contact Number and e-mail address. Start with your career objective, a brief summary of your skills, your education and then your work history (current details first).

A cover letter or not . . . that is the question?

Your resume should contain all the information the prospective client needs. If you want to create a cover letter, please make sure that you update it with the correct details of the person you are sending it to. There is nothing more frustrating or unprofessional looking than receiving a cover letter and it is addressed to someone else.

Again, if you choose to have a cover letter it should be short and sweet. To the point and not longer than your resume! A great cover letter or cover email (which is maybe more likely to be read) should be a quick introduction to yourself, how you got on to the agency or prospective employer and a very brief outline of your suitability for the role you are applying for, your availability and again your contact details.

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Posted by Shandell and Rialet, Entelect Solutions
16 Jun 2008

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Excellent article, well written! If you need more help with writing CVs specifically for the mining industry in oz, check out a great new website created by current HR and recruitment specialists at various big mining firms on www.mineblogger.com.au. Some great tips and inside information on getting employment in this sector
Rating: 4 / 5
by Jill Hutchison on 01 Dec 2008

Hey guys, thanks for a really valuable article. Forgive my habitual proof reading but for as much as it is important to "Spell Check your resume", see if you can spot the spelling slip in the article heading. Regards Zulu
Rating: 4 / 5
by Murray Kirkwood on 18 Jul 2008

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