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by Loren Nel
As an ex-South African, I can honestly say that I love my new life in Australia. This beautiful country has been very good to me and I have found myself settled and happy in the ‘new land’. Every now and then, however, especially when thumbing through old holiday albums or driving in the hinterland where the landscape is so reminiscent of the South African bush, I find myself nostalgic for open-topped land rovers, excited, albeit hushed, whispers trying to draw attention to some or other marvellous creature just out of sight in the shadowed bushes, and the crackling of a bonfire accompanied by the spine chilling coughs of a nearby lion, the nocturnal rumblings of an elephant or the snickering of a hyena.
Even though hopping on a plane for a bushveld holiday is not a possibility, I have discovered a fantastic DVD series that offers a slice of the African landscape to any veld-longing immigrant! The award winning GO-AFRICA Wildlife Series is presented by Get Lost travel magazine and consists of nine volumes, each between 85 and 110 minutes in length. Each documentary is a visual feast of the majesty and fierceness of Africa; her landscape, her inhabitants and her soul, with impressive photography accompanied by eloquent narration and an indigenous musical score.

What is noteworthy about this series is the variety of the subject matter. These interesting snapshots of Africa include the life of lions of the Kalahari, a look at all five species of rhinoceros across the globe, the story of the skilful trackers of the red dunes, the many faces of Kruger Park (one of my personal avourites), the standoff between elephants and the helicopters used to monitor and manage them, and a beautiful fusion of the images and music of Africa. The films are by no means a romanticised portrait of Africa but present an honest and at times brutal picture of this vast and rugged land, and the often epic struggle for survival her inhabitants must endure. The tragedy in the films, however, is counterbalanced by the miracle of new life, the clumsy antics of amusing creatures, stunning sound and colour, and spectacular cinematography. From a small dragonfly to the massive elephant, the GO-AFRICA Wildlife Series offers an impressive array of images that are inspiring and informative.

Although it cannot replicate the dusty smell of the bush, the tranquillity of a blazing African sunset or the thrill of actually spotting an elusive creature hiding in the wilderness, I have no bdoubt that this beautifully filmed, diverse and informative series would be greatly appreciated by any savannah loving ex-pat!
WIN!!! WIN!!!! WIN!!!

Sabona Magazine has 5 complimentary copies of Volume 1 of the GO-AFRICA DVDs to give away!!

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Posted by Loren Nel
03 Apr 2008

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Many thanks Loren, a really great article which captures the spirit of our series. It took many years to put together this series and we are honoured to have it selected for the Australian market. We have always felt very strongly about putting across a true African feel in our films and hope your subscribers will enjoy our honest African approach. Happy viewing. Laura van der Merwe - Series Producer , South Africa
Rating: 5 / 5
by Laura van der Merwe on 24 Apr 2008

Truly awesome & inspiring - once you have experienced Africa - Africa will always be in your blood. It is a very unique part of the world. A pity more people "don't go and smell the roses". This should be on everyone's list of "things to experience before I die". Thanks
Rating: 5 / 5
by Julia Toms on 19 Apr 2008

No matter where one is in the world, South Africa is and will forever remain unique in every aspect. Nothing can beat the beauty of the bush, the wildlife, and the spectacular African sunsets. Loren's article, has brought back the vivid memories that I am so glad to have once experienced.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Jacqueline Stockton on 18 Apr 2008

Truly remarkable. The sense that south African wildlife is the best in the world, especially the big cats. Only one drawback, you want to be there! so DVD's of this quality compensates. Mooi man
Rating: 5 / 5
by ed Taylor on 18 Apr 2008

I totally agree with Loren, Australia is wonderful but nothing beats the South African bush, the sounds, the animals or the atmosphere itself. Just sitting around a campfire in Kruger Park and hearing the lion roar while having a boerewors and pap meal, we are so lucky to have known that life. Yes, Australia is wonderful and definately safe, maar my hart sal altyd in Suid Afrika bly.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Nancy Simos on 17 Apr 2008

Would love to see the DVD series. Makes me long for our farm in the Kalahari where you could go for a drive and see the springbok and kudu grazing in the veld. Love Australia and only misses one thing and that's the African bush and it's animals!!
Rating: 5 / 5
by Sonja Venzke on 10 Apr 2008

Wow - this article enthuses me to pour an Amarula (or two) and bunk down to watch the whole series in one go. Although I fear it may bring on more homesickness than cure my longing for the African bush. Well written and informative, thank you.
Rating: 4 / 5
by Fiona Cruickshank on 05 Apr 2008

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