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With so many Southern Africans being exposed to and involved in network marketing, we thought we would feature some of the MLM organisations that have stood the test of time and some people who have taken an opportunity and run with it!

Rodney and Cheryl Gilchrist
Years involved: 9 years

Level achieved: Platinum Presidential (Rod), Silver presidential (Cheryl)

About Rod and Cheryl

I was very sceptical about the whole network marketing concept and when I was first approached about it, like many people, I almost let the opportunity pass me by. My background in science and pharmaceuticals added to my complete phobia of network marketing. A friend flew out from America just prior to the company launching into Australia and coerced me into going along to one of the meetings. I stood at the back of the room and as it happened, all of my objections were answered. I can remember driving home in silence, feeling quite undone. Being a pastor, I felt God say that Mannatech would be huge with me or without me, so I decided that night to go for it.

Over the last few years I've achieved virtually every award possible, including being awarded as international business builder of the year from a field of over 200,000 associates globally. I was the first person outside the USA to achieve the highest recognised position within the company. I'm currently the top Australasian income earner of the year, and in the top 10 Australasian business builders of the year.

I am my own boss and able to fulfil the dreams that were in my heart for so many years. And might I add that I'm now ‘ruined for life' since I couldn't possibly go back to another career.

Thoughts about MLM as a home based business

Network marketing is a great equaliser. It puts everyone on a level playing field. Whether you're educated or not, rich or poor, no matter who you are, no matter where you came from, anyone can make this business work. It's the only industry where other people are actually trying to help you to succeed and are willing to invest their time, skills and talents to help you to achieve success.

Advice for those just starting out in MLM

Well done! Now grow and develop yourself, believe in yourself, believe in the people around you (including those that introduced you and those that have joined your team) and work hard.

How to succeed in MLM

Flexibility. It's the old saying, “blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken”. Be prepared to change, learn, and dream. Then strap yourself in for the ride of your life!

Myths about MLM - proven wrong!

That only the rich get richer and that it takes money to make money. Also a big myth in network marketing – the one that says that network marketing is not a real job. No, it's actually better than a job because it provides real results.
Guy and Tania Wilson
Level achieved: Executive Diamond

About Guy and Tania

My brother and I co-founded a software company (Emphasys) which grew to become one of the largest in our industry in Australia. We eventually sold this business to a subsidiary of Telstra in 1999.

My wife (at the time a corporate lawyer and director of a large financial organisation in Sydney) joined the Amway business in 1991 because we were sick of having money but no time to spend with our young family. We reached the Emerald level in 3 years and that allowed us to move to the Gold Coast in 1997 financially free. We have since been building our Network 21 business in Australia and in many countries overseas. We love the ever-growing passive income. Just as importantly we value the friends we have made and the people we have been able to help along the way. We have always seen it as a people business more than a product business.

The business has allowed us to be full-time parents to our children for more than 10 years. We now enjoy 3 first class overseas trips paid by Amway every year. We are also regularly offered speaking assignments in overseas locations. We also enjoy being able to give to several charities. Mostly it gives us huge satisfaction to help people with a dream and be a positive influence in their lives.

Thoughts about MLM as a home based business

Pick one that isn't going to go broke (a lot do). Pick one that has the best independent education program. The team you join is critical as to the help and encouragement you will get.

Advice for those just starting out in MLM

Believe you can, trust the people you are working with, educate yourself and know you can't fail, even though you can give up like so many do. Often it doesn't seem to be working but if you keep going and developing personally, you will succeed.

How to succeed in MLM

Stickability, determination, willingness to work, teachability (willingness to personally develop)

Myths about MLM - proven wrong!

Just about all of them. MLM is a tool, it is a good or bad tool depending on whose hands it's in. That's why it is so important to choose the right team to join, what are their motives, how genuine they are about helping other people. Most of the myths are probably true! They just usually relate to people doing things badly, unprofessionally. Like any industry, there are good and bad operators but it doesn't make the whole industry bad.

Graham Park
Years involved: 15

Level achieved: Team Elite plus Million $ circle member

About Graham

I was working for Elders, a rural services business in Toowoomba QLD, and was unhappy with the direction the company was taking, so my wife Lynn and I began looking for a business of our own. After more than 9 months of actively looking all over Southern Queensland for a business we could get excited about, I gave up in frustration and decided to focus on my corporate job at Elders.

About that time I received a phone call from a family friend in Canada, he spoke to me about the potential for Nu Skin in Australia. Once I learned it was a Network Marketing business I told him I was not interested. Fortunately he asked if he could send me some material and I reluctantly agreed just to be polite.

It took me about 6 months to build our business to where it replaced my income from Elders and I was able to focus fulltime on Nu Skin. Currently I am very focussed on opening our business in South Africa.

Thanks to this business my wife has been able to stay at home and raise our 4 daughters and we have been able to realize our dream of buying a cattle property only an hour and a half from our home in Brisbane. Combined with the travel and the amazing people we have been able to work and partner with this business has allowed our children to mix and learn from others in many countries as well as learn the benefits of giving something back, which we do though “Nourish The Children” an amazing initiative that has donated over 100 million meals into southern Africa over the past 5 years.

Thoughts about MLM as a home based business

MLM can be the ideal home based business, because you can literally develop a global business from that home office. My wife and I have developed approximately 50,000 distributors in more than 35 countries from our home base in Brisbane. We could never have afforded an office and staff in the beginning. And the fact that we were able to start part time and from home is what interested us initially as we were unsure of our possible success and naturally reluctant to spend large amounts on office space etc. However, be aware that as your business grows you can sometimes have conflict between home life and business as it can be hard to switch off when working from home.

Advice for those just starting out in MLM

Find a company whose products you love and which have wide appeal, and one who has a track record of treating both clients and distributors fairly. Keep your expectations real, treat it as a business and even though you are likely to be doing this on a part time basis at first, be professional and expect to work hard to get lasting results.

How to succeed in MLM

All the successful people I have met in our industry are very different personalities but they do share certain characteristics, those of persistence and determination combined with a genuine liking for working with people and developing teams. Many of the most successful people have small business or

professional backgrounds rather than sales backgrounds, but the biggest thing is a simple desire to succeed combined with finding an ethical and successful MLM company to partner with

Myths about MLM - proven wrong!

The 2 greatest myths I encounter regarding Network marketing are that it is not a “real” business and no one makes much money and that it is really “easy” and you don't have to work at it.

Both of these myths come from the lack of understanding that this is a business, and that like any business you need to work at it and develop it over time.

Network marketing turns over $100 billion + globally. It is simply a different distribution system to traditional retailing or franchising, and like franchising offers a systemised approach to moving goods and services.

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02 Apr 2008

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As an accountant by profession, I decided long ago that I prefer to run my own businesses rather than getting involved in corporate politics and building up someone else's business just to look forward to retiring on a small percentage of what I'm use to earning, and that is if I'm lucky. I was introduce you to the MLM business model and found that it really works. Can anyone do it? The short answer is NO. It takes courage and determination and above all a real desire to achieve a personal financial goal. If you feel you have these qualities, then contact someone you know and trust that runs a MLM business and check it out. It may or may not be for you. But what have you got to loose. I know many people say, O I can't do that, I'm an accountant, or this or that. I have a good giggle at those comments because more often than not I and other people in our MLM businesses earn sbstantially more than them . Best of all we have ongoing income. When they stop doing what they do their income stops. Regards Kerry Erasmus (Neutral Bay NSW)
Rating: 5 / 5
by Kerry Erasmus on 14 Jul 2008

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