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by Tony Lock

South Africa's iconic supergroup Mango Groove are considering touring Australia in early 2014 to bring their unique blend of township jive and pop to not only the large number of Southern Africans now living in Australia but also to give Australians a taste of the joyous sounds of South African music.

Mango Groove are an 11 piece band formed in 1989 and since then have sold over a million albums, had 12 SA Number 1 hits and won every conceivable award on offer in South Africa. They are the only local band to remain at the top of the SA sales charts for over a year. Performance highlights of their career include:

  • Freddie Mercury Tribute telecast
  • Hong Kong reunification concert
  • Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Paris SOS Racism concert
  • Nelson Mandela's presidential inauguration

Selling out both the Sun City Superbowl and Standard Bank Arena 6 times (the only South African band to do so)

Fronted by the voice of South African rugby, the inimitable Claire Johnstone, the band features many distinctly South African rhythms and sounds including pennywhistle and marimba. Their music takes the traditional township styles of marabi, kwela and mbaqanga and fuses them beautifully with modern pop rhythms to form an upbeat, eminently danceable mix.

If you're not immediately familiar with the music of Mango Groove, please listen to the album ‘Bang the Drum' at www.box.com/s/79ev27jmrr65i6h65zap - you may also want to visit the band's official website at http://www.sabona.com.au/admin/innova/scripts/www.mangogroove.co.za or maybe check out some of their music and videos on youtube.

Here's how you can help. At present the tour is in its initial planning stages. In order to get an idea of audience numbers we need to hear from as many South Africans and friends of South Africans as possible who would like to see Mango Groove perform in Australia.

Please either like us on Facebook (Mango Groove Australia 2014) or email us at mangogrooveaustralia2014@hotmail.com to register your interest – if you would like more than one ticket please register your interest via email and advise us of where you are and how many tickets you will require. We also ask you to pass this on to all of your family, friends, colleagues and associates – with your help we can make the tour a reality!

Once the tour has been confirmed and ticket prices have been set all people registering their interest via Facebook and email will be the first to be offered tickets. Once the tour is confirmed we will also be drawing the names of 10 lucky people who will receive free tickets and the chance to meet the band!

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Posted by Tony Lock
19 Jun 2013

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To all Perth Expats - You can access tickets from our office - 21Feb14 is going to be a big party. We just want to help and make the tour a success. We've got a special deal for you! Email debi@sondergaard.com.au or go to sondergaard.com.au/mango-groove/ Lets have fun - hot summers evening! Also get a bus there and back - redhill has 20 buses doing return trips across Perth and we want to have a few full party buses organised around this. Support this great S African band, bring along some Aussie mates and let them experience the feel of Africa! Cheers Charles Sondergaard
Rating: 5 / 5
by Charles Sondergaard on 26 Sep 2013

Woohooo!!! What great news .... please put The Empire Theatre, Toowoomba onto the tour list! There is the biggest expat RSA/Zim community in Oz here, and we'll be sure to fill the venue! (And it is Oz's biggest regional theatre too :))
Rating: 5 / 5
by Sue Gay on 21 Jun 2013

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