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by Sandy Hilton
South Africa's favourite Cousin, Barry Hilton, has arrived in Australia for the start of his Serial Comic Tour. The first show in Perth at the Regal Theatre on Friday night is SOLD OUT! "What a great way to start the tour," says Barry. "I'm thrilled 1100 people are coming to see me, it seems there are more South Africans in Australia than there are in South Africa!"

While Down Under, Barry will be performing a whopping 20 shows in 25 days. A limited amount of tickets are still available from http://www.eventix.com.au/ for his shows in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney.

Sabona's competition last week to win tickets for the shows was met with an overwhelming response. The response was so good in fact that an extra set of tickets was given away; the winners are: Johnny Clark, Heinie Wynne, Rodney Triegaardt and Clair Walsh. Says Claire, “ My husband and I are so excited to win – we saw Barry at Bruma Lake on our first date more than 18 years ago and it's an awesome way to celebrate and remember where it all started – THANK YOU!!!!”

Barry “The Cousin” Hilton is quite simply one of the funniest men in the world, and certainly one of South Africa's top stand-up comedians. He's the only SA comedian who sells out 4000-seater venues with his one man show…over and over again!

He is an irrepressible combination of the magic of mirth, and inspiring insight into current events and everyday issues. Barry's unique ability to engage a wide range of audiences has earned him a loyal fan base that spans continents.

His hilarious contributions to radio, television and film include a number of entertaining commercials, TV shows, two movies, and a collection of signature DVD's and CD's.
Comments from our winners:
  • Who will you be taking with you to the show?
    • Heinie "My wife"
    • Rodney "My wife"
  • Have you any fond memories of seeing Barry perform before?
    • Heinie "Absolutely , I have seen him at a Spar Golf day and also a Shield Supplier evening and he is nothing short of the iconic South African comedian."
    • Rodney "When I left SA the last I recall is the entertaining Savannah ads soooo dry.. recall one funny “do you know your monkey just stole my beer!
    • Johnny "I had my own motorcycle workshop in South Africa and a couple of years ago a tyre company launched new tyres to which I was invited. Barry was the entertainment for the evening. Halfway through his show he told people that he can come up with a joke or story no matter what the subject. So the audience was given the chance to give him words and he would make a joke. I was dumb struck no matter what the audience gave him he had everybody laughing."
  • Are you quite lucky when it comes to competitions? Or is this the first time you’ve won something?
    • Heinie "I never win anything, perhaps I should buy a lotto ticket today also!"
    • Rodney "Not very lucky probably 2nd one in 5 yrs, suppose you gotta be in it to win it!"
    • Johnny "No not really I once won a camera but that was in 2005, allthough I am always keen to enter."
  • How long have you been living in Australia and what do you do there?
    • Heinie "We have been here for 2 and ½ years and I am a National Account Manager for Energizer Australia."
    • Rodney "8 yrs and teaching, where a onderwyser is not a flasher!"
    • Johnny "We have been in Australia for 2 years and 8 months now, moved directly from Nelspruit to Canberra and love it."
  • Is Sabona a good source of SA information?
    • Heinie "Yes I find great information in Sabona, specifically to events , really useful."
    • Rodney "Yes the range of reporting and networking platforms should serve its community well."
    • Johnny "Yes, always something interesting to read catch up on what fellow South Africans do or experience in Australia."
Everyone's favourite “Cousin” is clocking up the laughs across the globe…and he's not done yet!
Tickets for the New Zealand leg of the tour are available from http://www.eventfinder.co.nz/. "It'll be my first visit to New Zealand - what happened to the old one? - and I'm really looking forward to the experience,” says Barry. Four of the venues in New Zealand have already sold out.
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Posted by Sandy Hilton
05 Aug 2011

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Why can Barry not come to adelaide That is exactly how I feel.this is one of the better states in Australia to live in with lots of South Africans,just look how we filled the stadiums at the Adelaide 7s.Please can we have some South African artists come here they will be well supported
Rating: 5 / 5
by Vincent on 05 Aug 2011

Why can Barry not come to adelaide , there are so a many South Adricans here and I cannot afford to fly to any of the others believe you me I checked , very SAD as Barry and My Son rode Motorbikes together at Zeemans . Barry Please come to ADE
Rating: 5 / 5
by Suzanne Weston on 05 Aug 2011

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