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by Amandla/Vrystaat!
Part of Evita Bezuidenhoutís manifesto for President in 2009: Firstly I do not belong to a party. We have had too many parties in the last 12 years. Itís time to stop having parties and to start doing some hard work. Of course I will invite political parties to send me their best minds to join the Kitchen Cabinet. I know there are some very bright people in the ANC...canít think of their names now, but Iím sure theyíre there. I believe there are one or two in the ID and soon there should be one in the DA. I look forward to working with the PAC. Iím not sure where they are, but I left a
note under a stone in Limpopo.
As President I will make sure that the people lead and the government follow. I will listen more than talk. After all, politicians are there to work for us. At the moment we never stop working for them!
It is important to focus on people and not percentages. Every aspect of society seems to depend on how much it costs and how much it will take in profit.
One forgets that behind every percentage point are a 1000 people waiting for a house, some food, some medication or their ID book.
I will try and underline the balance between good news and bad news. For every negative there must be at least two positives. But good news does not sell newspapers. I will encourage the people to help themselves and not wait for government to help them. As we know, government helps itself to the best and usually leaves little for the people.
We must try and retain the smile on the face of the people. The tensions of daily life are resulting in violence and intolerance. I donít care for smokers, but I will make sure that smokers are not pushed out into the streets to smoke in the traffic. Businesses must cater for them and give them a pleasant environment in which to develop their lung cancers.
I will try and make everyone realise they are the most important person in the country. Thatís what democracy represents. We must protect the Constitution by reminding ourselves what it protects. Instead of songs about de la Rey, I will encourage songs about our freedoms and our advantages.
Let us celebrate the old and young by putting creches and orphanages into old age homes. It will cost nothing and within hours each ouma will be a gogo and every small orphan will be loved.
I will not bring back the death penalty. But when it comes to the brutality of the crimes we are confronted with, I will give special attention to those who kill. Let us give murderers their own prisons. Let them run it themselves with all the full democratic rights they demanded in our society. And if the murderers want to murder the murderers? Thatís got nothing to do with us.
We should start now and redefine crime. Why are so many people being imprisoned for taking an apple or a tin of food off a shelf. Thatís not crime; thatís hunger and we are responsible for that. They will have to do community work to pay off their debt and lose some of the weight they put on.
The ecology is so important and we have too much pollution, especially from those huge 4X4ís! Why does every blonde anorexic botoxed mother have to drive her kids to school in a tank? This is not Afghanistan! So I will tax all 4x4s and if the women driving weigh less that 60 kilos, I will double the tax!
I will raise the salaries of all police, teachers and nurses 100% immediately because without them we have no future. Itís not impossible. The money is here in SA - it just means one soccer stadium less for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
I will appoint ANC Deputy President Jacob Zuma our Ambassador to Somalia where he can find as many Ďumshini wamisí to his heartís content, while Manto Tshabalala-Msimang can take her new liver to Outer Mongolia as our Ambassador. There she can plant beetroot and African potato plantations.
I will re-emburse parents what they paid in school fees for their child if that child successfully passes Grade 12 and allow them to use that money for further education.
But the most revolutionary thing I will do as President of South Africa is: I will stay at home and not return on the occasional short State Visit as Thabo Mbeki does.
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Posted by Amandla/Vrystaat!
01 Aug 2007

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