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by Melissa Keigher
Beautiful...Deserted For a holiday with total relaxation, the desolate Teewah-Cooloola Beach is the place to be. Accessible only by four wheel drive, its natural wonders include sand blown holes and coloured canyons.
Fishing, walking, exploring, four wheel driving, swimming and hiking are just a few of the activities to choose from here. To the south, long beach and coloured sands reach as far as the eye can see. To the north, Double Island Point provides an ideal surfing spot and protected corner of beach for children. On the point, a lighthouse marks the headland and watches over as people come and go. Around the headland, Rainbow Beach, also accessible by two wheel drive, provides shops and eateries.
Two main four wheel drive tracks run across to Rainbow Beach on the opposite side of the headland, the Leisha track and the Freshwater track. The Freshwater track, although rough and narrow in places, is an exploration of the amazing forest in this area. Stopping the car briefly on this track, reveals the silence and magic as the sun shimmers through the trees. Although it is the fastest way through to Rainbow Beach, the Leisha track is now almost inaccessible due to immense erosion. Except at the lowest tide of the day, the Pacific Ocean laps away at the landscape there, constantly forming and reforming the coastline.
Careful planning and packing makes this holiday destination one to be remembered. Hotels and motels are non-existent here, comfortable camping is the key. If you are prepared for a little adventure, 15kms of spectacular beach front camping could be your answer, or for a more protected position, you can choose to stay in Freshwater Campsite.
A perfect time to visit Teewah-Cooloola Beach is in the low season, so take some time off and treat yourself. In this immaculate natural paradise timetables do not exist. It is not six o’clock, it is not two o’clock, the time is here and now. Listen to the sound of the ocean and enjoy the beauty of nature.
This photograph looks South, towards Noosa’s North Shore. Travel by road two hours North of Brisbane and then enter the beach at Noosa North Shore for a 40km drive along Teewah Beach and Cooloola Beach, or continue up the Bruce Highway to Gympie, then follow the signs to Rainbow Beach. The full journey should take no longer than three and a half hours.
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Posted by Melissa Keigher
01 Aug 2007

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