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by Selina Rousseau
A few tips for those thinking of moving to Oz. This is from my perspective of being here for six months, and is specific to Perth.
  • Make sure you have a GPS and invest in the Australian (which ever city) CD to upload on your GPS – it will save you TONS of time and get you around well.
  • Make sure your credit card is not going to expire soon. It it is, get a new one and keep some money in it for emergencies.
  • Buy a flat pack biltong maker and slicer – biltong here can be purchased at SA shops – but the dude rips people off – especially because he makes it locally.
  • Get yourself an online email account like hotmail to keep in contact until you get a provider in Oz. You can get 3G mobile plug and go at many places here.
  • If you've cancelled your cell/sim contract, get an international calling card sim for when you get here.
  • Buy lots of those black or see-through clip top containers. They help allot when packing (make sure you make a list of whats in them and place on the top before closing them.
  • Get vacuum pack bags and vacuum pack bedding and towels etc.
  • Buy at least one international adapter so that you can charge your cell and GPS as soon as you get here. You're normally jet lagged for a few days, and shopping is the last thing you want to do.
  • If you are renting, it's best to rent from a South African. The paperwork and approval is a breeze and it's just easier so make connections with people already here and it will help when you are looking.
  • If you are looking for a car go to reputable car dealer. There are TONS of car dealers everywhere, but the bigger reputable ones will get your paperwork through faster, and the car will have less ‘hiccups'.
  • Get your driver's licence renewed if it's close to expiry.

If you're already in Oz, what are your experiences of things to do before you arrive here?

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Posted by Selina Rousseau
01 Sep 2010

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Exccellent tips :0) Renting from or through a South African does make it easier. Always try www.letonly.com first to see what properties I have available. I'm also available by phone how to avoid the pitfalls/traps; explaining our Qld rental processes. I can also indicate what documents you'll need in preparation. South African landlords particularly like the fact that my system allows them to receive their weekly rent in full! Just call me for a friendly chat. Pia Rousseau (Principal) 0414 620 605
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by Pia on 07 Sep 2010

Hi Bash... I have quite a list... I can e-mail them to you if you pop me an email on selinar1@hotmail.com and I will reply with my tips and hints... as I also came with two teenagers and their transition was most important to me. Cheers Selina
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by Selina Rousseau on 04 Sep 2010

Hi Selena Your tips couldn't have come at a better time. My husband, son[18],daughter[14] and I will be arriving in Melbourne in the first week in Jan 2011- tickets are booked.We have PR with state-sposorship. Any suggestion, no matter how mundane it may sound to others, will be of immense help to us. Thank you Sabona for a fantastic magazine. Cheryl Goodenough, I have enjoyed your perspectives and look forward to more of your articles. Any info/advise on what to sort out here in SA or what to expect in OZ will be most welcome in these ensuing months. Thank you. Fond regards Bash
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by Bash on 02 Sep 2010

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