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by Dave Robinson

I turned on the TV to find Bonanza was showing. There it was, just as I remembered it from my childhood – Ben Cartright, Little Joe, and the infamous Ponderosa Ranch. True to the spirit of the Ponderosa, I found myself wondering why things don't always go smoothly, why we migrants sometimes seem to be working so hard in Australia for sometimes react to us in ways that don't seem to make sense? What I have discovered, through my reflections, is that the key to understanding such anomalies lies in recognizing the socalled ‘bigger picture'. And I do mean the big bigger-picture!

To provide some perspective with regard to our relative insignificance within this bigger-big-picture, let us be reminded that the earth we inhabit absorbs over eight million bolts of lightening each twenty-four hour day. The temperature at the impact point of a lightening bolt is greater than the surface of the sun.

There is enough electricity in a single bolt of lightening to light up New York City for three months, or to charge every battery in the world for seventy years. Since it is clear that natural energy is uncontrollable and destructive at its whim, perhaps the universe has conspired (in my favour) to bring me (kicking and screaming, notwithstanding) to an acceptance that it exists beyond and in spite of the limitations we might place on it, for its own purposes, not ours, but that it remains our responsibility (if only to ourselves) to live out our respective purpose?

Now that I am gainfully re-employed in a job I thoroughly enjoy, with my belief that ‘every cloud has a silver lining' re-affirmed, I have emerged with a realisation that we can indeed grasp control of our destiny by learning to channel the energy around us, and I found myself pondering the principles I first penned as the seven DaWei Laws* several years ago.

First DaWei Law – Energy flows toward optimal utility

This law explains how we are inclined to seek out ways of coping that provide us with the best chance of survival. We know this to be true because whenever we act out our highest purpose we feel completely empowered, fulfilled and victorious.

Second DaWei Law – Like energies are attractive

Of course you will be attracted by like that way. Remember the idiom, ‘Birds of a feather flock together'. When you are attracted to something and it is attracted to you, there is always a purpose, though it may not always be what at first it seems.

Third DaWei Law – Visualisation directs attainment

When we visualise something as if it is accomplished, we in effect give ourselves permission to believe it can be attained. This belief then directs the nervous system to cause the body to act accordingly. Have you ever seen someone hit a target without taking aim? And as surely as we attract what we imagine through visualisation, focus, hard work and persistence, it is equal and oppositely true that we are totally incapable of achieving anything we cannot imagine ourselves achieving.

Fourth DaWei Law – Recognition lubricates flow

Every man, woman and child seeks recognition. We all yearn to be reminded that we belong, that we are purposeful, that our being ‘alive' has value. When we find such validation it is as if our engine is lubricated – the will, the intellect and the emotions combine efficiently as we face the journey of life.

Fifth DaWei Law – Evolution is the ultimate purpose of flow

Are you the same person you were ten years ago? Of course not! Human beings are continuously imagining, analysing, interacting, communicating, integrating, procreating, re-generating, i.e. evolving. Through our thoughts and actions we engage in the constant reconstruction of our universe.

Sixth DaWei Law – Reciprocity is a non-negotiable ethos of the universe

The energy we send out always and unavoidably returns, like a virtual boomerang. Our thoughts, words and deeds become repetitive, as we develop conditioned responses. Just as optimism gives rise to good fortune, and vindictiveness to retribution, ‘karma' in all its forms is


Seventh DaWei Law – Serendipitous events are living proof that the universe is conspiring to provide whatever we need.

Have you ever felt the exhilaration of knowing you were in the right place at the right time? Have you ever had a disappointment, only to feel later that it was just as well that happened because it led you to something more satisfying? Serendipity is the word used to describe events that lead to fortuitous un-envisaged outcomes. A serendipitous event may be precipitated by a coincidence, or even an accident, that opens up new opportunities for our optimal survival, learning and growth. Serendipity has become one of my favourite words .Another one is ‘pondering'.

So here's something to ponder: Are we the energy we are living? And if so, could it be that we need only to become an authentic conduit for the universal energy we carry and inhabit? *DaWei means David in Chinese pinying.

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Posted by Dave Robinson
25 Jun 2009

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