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By Athol Fugard
With John Kani and Winston Ntshona
Sydney Opera House welcomes back to Australia, after twenty years, the legendary British theatre director Peter Brook. Sizwe Banzi is Dead is an Apartheid-era classic, devised by one of the world's greatest contemporary playwrights, Athol Fugard. A township play, grounded in the experiences of the urban black community of South Africa, it tells the story of Robert, an impoverished black migrant worker who learns to survive and beat the system.
Performers Habib Dembélé, a writer and political activist who stood as a presidential candidate for the Republic of Mali, and Pitcho Womba Konga, a celebrated rapper, hip hop artist and producer from the Congo, tell the story of Sizwe Banzi and his plight to legitimise his right to work. Far away from his family, avoiding the authorities and desperate for employment he comes across a corpse and the prospect of swapping the dead man's papers for his seems to offer the only escape.
Peter Brook's reputation and influence on modern theatre is all pervasive. His 60-year career began with groundbreaking productions of Shakespeare in his early 20s, and has since then assumed monumental status, injecting the most intense spiritual and political passion into a vast range of both classical and contemporary drama.
Appearing as part of Adventures 07 for a strictly limited season, this production is dynamic, engaging and very funny. It has toured the world to unbroken critical and popular acclaim. Come and see why.
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23 Nov 2007

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