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SAbona spoke to Arno Jordaan ahead of his tour with Kurt Darren to Australia next month. Our interview with Kurt is published in Issue 19 of SAbona and is on our website at www.sabona.com.au/1906
SAbona: What can audiences in Australia expect from you?
Arno: I'm excited to say that I'm touring Australia with a brand new album. It's only due for release at the end of June which means that a lot of people in Australia will be the first to hear the album.
S: What do you miss from or about South Africa when you travel overseas?
A: They say a place is what you and the people make of it. Australia feels a lot like South Africa, but it's still not South Africa and except for the expats making you feel at home, I still miss the South African people when I'm abroad.
S: How would your best friend describe your personality?
A: Loyal, honest and energetic.
S: What is your favourite South African food?
A. Steak and chips.
S: What do you serve when you're entertaining?
A: I love getting the party started with a few shots of Jaggermeister. It works every time!
S: What music is currently playing in your car?
A: Chris Daughtry.
S: What's your favourite overseas holiday destination?
A: I would say Phuket in Thailand.
S: What's your favourite Southern African holiday destination?
A: I love going to Mozambique. There's a great vibe and dive sites and it's also relatively close from Pretoria where I stay.
S: What things in life make you truly happy?
A: Seeing people happy around me.
S: What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A: A rugby player. I played Cravenweek Rugby at both primary and high school level and went to Stellenbosch to play rugby, so professional rugby player, I would say.
S: To what do you attribute your success?
A: My family plays a great role in my career. They have an artist management company and the combination works well.
S: What do you hope to achieve in the next five years?
A: My main aim is to establish myself more prominently in the Afrikaans music business. I would also like to see myself excel and develop as a businessman in other areas. Acting is also something I would like to pursue
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22 Jun 2010

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