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by Anonymous

Dan's had good results from seed packets bought from an Australian seed company called Green Harvest. The seeds are under the name Cucirbito Pepo (gem squash). The website address is http://www.greenharvest.com.au/.

Brnton has bought packets of gem squash seeds from Melbourne-based webstore http://www.diggers.com.au/.

Springbok Foods on the Gold Coast has been selling gem squash seeds for the last couple of months and currently have in stock. See www.springbokfoods.com.

Joslyn says that you can bring gem squash seeds in from South Africa, but you need to declare them at customs.

If you're looking for gem squash itself, they are available from Satooz http://www.satooz.com/ (thanks, Dianne) as well as Springbok Foods http://www.springbokfoods.com/ during season.

Linda says that her neighbour Glenn Jackwitz is going to be growing them on his Claredon farm this year. They will be planting in August so the gem squash will be ready in November. If you're interested in making contact with them directly, you can call Glenn's farm manager Simone on 0404 816 649.

Lucia let us know that she's purchased gem squash from the South African butcher in St Ives (Stanley Street Butcher). She scooped out the seeds and planted them, which worked like a charm.

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Posted by Anonymous
22 Jun 2010

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Great article..Have looked at a few places overeast and all say "cannot be shipped to WA"..I have seen Gems in WA(I live in rockingham WA )but as one farmer at a market said they are difficult and seasonal.Frank from Cape Town
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by Frank Dahl on 09 Dec 2011

Gem Squashes have been available in New Zealand for the last 5-6 years and Woolworths/ Countdown Stock them over here. One of the seed companies in Pukekohe has been doing a lot of research on the Gem Squash and are producing seeds over here.
Rating: 5 / 5
by Ashley Brown on 28 Apr 2011

I buy them at Woolworths, Cockburn Gateway, Perth.
Rating: 3 / 5
by Karin on 22 Jun 2010

I have grown Gems in SA with great success but here on Gold Coast the plants develop a white powdery sort of mildew shortly after fruiting has started and the plant dies before fruits mature. I have used all sorts of fungicides but no good. Decided to plant early this year (20 June) to avoid the humidity. Will let you know if I have success. In the mean time I would appreciate some advice from someone who is aware of how to stop this powdery mildew from ocurring.
Rating: 4 / 5
by Derek on 22 Jun 2010

Gem Squash seeds are also available from www.africashop.com.au We also supply Gems when in season. Contact Mark Nolan 0413175095 South African Food & Booze
Rating: 5 / 5
by Mark Nolan on 22 Jun 2010

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