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by Migrant Saffa


Bianca was tempted to join another gym – making it a world record for the most number of fitness establishments that one person has ever signed up for – but she sensibly opted for ‘book club' instead. Knowing some of the other club members I wouldn't be surprised if books like Best wines for under $10 and How to kill your husband in three easy steps are among the selection. Some of these members and their better halves attended my good mate Greg's 40th birthday party, which had us all auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance. Amazing how Abba and the Village People always sound good after a few. Australia must be the only place in the world where you can still play Kylie Minogue at full volume without being made fun of.

My youngest and I attended the annual school camp on the sports field where the teachers mistook the outing for a boot camp. After an afternoon of exhausting drills and games we enjoyed a dinner carefully selected by Keal. It included sweets for starter, kebabs, sweets for dessert, chocolate milk and midnight sweets. The next morning we packed up camp and took some friends out to Peel Island on our boat to enjoy another spectacular day.


We spent the Easter holidays in a place so off the beaten track that not even the Easter bunny found us. Sandon River is about four hours south from Brisbane along the picturesque New South Wales coast. Parts of the area reminded us of the Wild Coast and the Yuraygir National Park area is very unspoilt. We set up camp under a Norfolk Island pine tree with the sea out the front and the river outside our back door. Plover Island, which is accessible at low tide, forms the headland between the river and a beautiful bay of crystal clear blue water that had perfect waves peeling into the beach. We spent the first few hours of each morning swimming, snorkelling, boogie boarding, paddle skiing and canoeing before eating a hearty bacon and egg brekkie. The rest of each day was spent pumping prawns, locally known as yabbies, and catching enough fish, including whiting, bream and tailor (shad) to support three dinners. We also explored the nearby settlement of Brooms Head and it's general store for the forgotten essentials and ice for the esky.

Our good mates, the Swanepoel family with their two boys, joined us halfway through the holidays. The strong south easterly forced us to ski and fish up river for a couple of days and a massive rain storm tested our tents on the last night. The boys are at an age now where they head off for the day and only return to camp from time to time to fill their tummies. The natural setting along with the dolphins riding waves and the turtles swimming around the rocks just makes for a perfect holiday spot.

We returned home to a zillion calories of dark chocolate wrapped in colourful tinfoil to round off a great weekend.

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Posted by Migrant Saffa
02 Jun 2010

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