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by Gretel Breytenbach
New Zealand has lots to offer…peace, tranquillity, mild weather, a safe haven, and great food! This was something I discovered with pure delight! It was also incredibly frustrating, having moved from South Africa, to what I sometimes referred to as the Twilight Zone. Everything was so different! And the food, well, food is comfort, food is joy, and when it takes you three hours to find something reasonably similar to your favourite brands from home, then it's not funny anymore! I remember too often standing in the aisle, weeping in frustration! So it's no surprise then that I discovered the comfort of all those delicious, decadent, buttery Dutch cookies! And of course, the inevitable happened…instead of pining away into skin and bones, I truly fattened up!
When I moved to Australia, while the differences weren't as intense, they were there, and the whole process began again! Same thing happened to some Zimbabwean friends of mine who picked up at least 2kg in their first few weeks in Oz and were overwhelmed at the range of choices they had! This story is not uncommon amongst immigrants, who need to relearn brands, tastes, flavours and quality! And given that Australia is one of the most obese nations on earth, it's easy to understand that we use our tastebuds to guide our choices and not our common sense!
“Health is the ability to live to your full potential,” says Holistic Psychologist and Wellness Coach, Michelle van Namen, who educates people about the choices they make regarding diet and life. Considering the impact of our previous lives and the huge stressor of immigrating, it's no surprise that many of us suffer from years of built-up stress, anxiety and fatigue. This of course could lead to depression, phobias, addictions, obesity, low self esteem and lack of confidence, so it's easy to see why so many of us find solace and comfort in the wrong foods. Even life in this beautiful land is lived at such a fast pace, that most of us opt for convenience over healthy. I know I do!
So to help with some of our less enlightened choices, Michelle is offering a “Trolley Overhaul”. This great service helps you get a realistic picture of what's in your shopping basket and offers you healthier alternatives to consider. They also inform you how to interpret those tricky labels on food and avoid the clever marketing traps. This practical guidance will help you make lasting changes to your diet, and your life!
WIN a trolley overhaul!!
To win this great service, tell us in 300 words or less your most embarrassing “trolley moment”.
Send entries to info@sabona.com.au
Entries must be received before 15 January 2008
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Posted by Gretel Breytenbach
23 Nov 2007

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Thank you for all the nice articles! Is it possible that I could have the contact details for Michelle, as I may be interested to make use of her services. Thank you!
Rating: 5 / 5
by Shirley Boshoff on 05 Jan 2012

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