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by Carla Baldock

Ask any successful entrepreneur their secret to success and they'll tell you their secret lies in setting smart objectives and taking action. To get from where we are today to where we want to be in the future, we need a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

We all have more capacity than we believe we do. It doesn't matter what your objectives are, but rather your desire to reach it. Whether your smart goal is financial, personal or business, following these 10 steps will magnify your success.

10 Secrets to Smart Objectives

  1. Personal Ambitions

Honor yourself first by ensuring the smart objectives you set are goals YOU want to achieve personally, not those expected of you by others.

  1. Rename Goals to Promises

Most people's relationship with goals is negative. Harvard University research indicates that the average person misses their goals 70% of the time; however 98% of people deliver upon their promises. Change your subconscious mind to focus on promises and notice a change in your results.

  1. Clearly Defined Promises

Have precise, clear promises so you know what you are working towards, how to measure progress and know when you have achieved it. A vague promise presents vague results.

  1. Leverage External Tools

Have positive motivators (people in your life that you want to do things for) as well as negative motivators (achieving something to show someone you can). Both motivators drive you to push further.

  1. Develop a Promise Plan

As businesses use business plans to plot their success, people need life plans to plot their success. Define:

∑ What your promise is

∑ When you want to achieve it by

∑ Where you will be when you achieve it

∑ Why you want to achieve it

∑ Who you need to assist you in achieving it

∑ How you will achieve it. This may not be evident initially, but will unfold as you progress towards your smart objectives.

  1. Review Your Smart Objectives Regularly

Successful people focus with intensity on their promises, so review your promise and plan daily for at least 20 minutes. This causes the conscious mind to think of new ideas and programs your subconscious mind to create new habits and expectations to deliver upon.

  1. Positive Affirmations

Continuously tell yourself you will succeed. Watch what you say as this impacts your thoughts and actions and therefore your results. Your inner voice is extremely powerful, so listen to it.

  1. Share Your Smart Goals

Informing others about your promises increases the risk and thus your level of commitment towards achieving them. Furthermore, it assists in articulating your promise as it becomes clearer with each expression you make.

  1. Visualise Your Smart Goals

Envision the outcome as if you are currently living it. Believing it, feeling it and seeing it comes before achieving it.

  1. Take Action

We are the reason we either succeed or fail. Without action you have no hope of moving forward and achieving your promises. Why wait another moment?

Implementing these smart goal setting steps will move you closer to realising your aspirations. Successful entrepreneurs incorporate their promises into their daily activities, resulting in consistent reminders. By taking action every day you are building the foundation for your success Ė one brick at a time.

Carla Baldock fast-tracks the success of self-motivated home business entrepreneurs through effective marketing strategies, tools, systems and training.

See www.sabona.com.au/carlabaldock

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Posted by Carla Baldock
09 Feb 2010

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