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by John D Cook

If, like many of us, you're looking for a wonderful business opportunity that offers exceptional financial rewards, look no further. The company I am about to introduce to you gives ordinary people the opportunity of earning extraordinarily large incomes. So, read on with excitement!

Started in the United States in January 1993, the company is now the world's largest direct seller of telecommunication services, with a multimillion dollar annual turnover and millions of customers worldwide. The company enjoys the enthusiastic endorsement of a well-known multibillionaire American entrepreneur.

Global footprint

The company now operates in 20 countries on three continents. However, its coverage in the Asia-Pacific region has not yet extended to populous nations with half the world's population, including China, India, Japan and Korea, all of which are readily serviceable by Australia, which houses the headquarters of the company's Asia-Pacific region. The potential market for the company's products and services in these countries is truly mind-boggling.

Services in the Asia-Pacific Region

In the Asia-Pacific region, the company presently provides local and long distance direct telecommunication services by landline and by mobile phone, as well as mobile broadband internet services, in Australia and New Zealand. The company also sells mobile phones and other telecommunication apparatus. In its latest, perhaps most exciting development, the company is poised to release the video telephone, (already in use in America, Canada, the United Kingdom and various countries in Europe) in the Asia-Pacific region.

Imagine the market for these telephones among those of us with loved ones all over the globe. Grandparents will be able to see their children and grandchildren when they speak to them. (It would not be a good idea to get directly out of the shower or bath to answer the video telephone.)

Compensation scheme

In addition to its technological expertise, the main competitive advantage of the company is that it's representatives carry out relationship marketing with customers and we earn the marketing cost savings which the company thereby effects.

Representatives may earn very substantial incomes, using the same principles by which the wealthy accumulate their wealth: that is, by leverage and residual income. Please contact me for details

Back office

The company provides all the administrative support work, including billing and collections and the payment of bonuses and commissions. Representatives are therefore freed to spend all their business time productively, on recruitment and training.


There is a great deal of training available. In Queensland, training sessions are held, usually at weekly intervals, on the Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. In addition, there are regular regional training events and an international training event was held in Melbourne in July.

In the critically important fields of teambuilding and customer acquisition, there are many training and other facilities available, including:

• How to acquire customers

• How to build your team

• An “alive” and informative website

• Your own website.

What does it cost to become a Representative?

In this world of massive franchise fees (for example, a very well-known restaurant franchise is reputed to cost in the region of $1,000,000) it costs just $495 to become a representative.


My experience is that my “upline” has been extremely supportive in every way to assist me in starting and growing my business. In turn, I undertake to make every effort to coach, support and help those in my “downline” to grow their businesses.

The family

The business is simple, but it is not necessarily easy. However, the required high ethical standards and the hard work involved have enabled many people to realise their dreams. As a representative of the company you join a family where you are “In Business for Yourself, but Never by Yourself!”

It's up to you

I'm sure you have heard the expression “If it is to be, it's up to me.” I am delighted to be in a position to offer you this opportunity of achieving abundance in your life. John D. Cook is an independent representative. For more information contact him by email johnc@omnix.com.au or on his mobile 0418 761 831.

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Posted by John D Cook
20 Aug 2009

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