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by Philip Scott

It's no accident I keep harping on about using videos to document your systems ... I think it is a brilliant concept.

Whether you decide to film your videos using your own camera or even your smart phone, it doesn't matter ... just do it! iSystemize do have a great little package that not only gives you a very handy little camera and some very easy to use software, they also give you complete training on how to document your systems. And as luck would have it ...their training is all on video! (Well DVD to be exact, but you get the point)

So why video? Why not just do it the old fashioned why and type it up?

  • Because it takes too long?
  • Because nobody ever reads it?
  • Because you can explain so much more, so much quicker, so much better and in so much more detail on video?

If you want your business to be truly successful, without you being there ... you need systems. And your systems are typically just what you do every day. Yes there are ways to make it more efficient, and we'll discuss these in weeks to come, but essentially systems start with documenting how you do things, and in my opinion there is no better way than video.

Let's face it. If your business can't grow or at least survive without you being there, then all you have is a job. A business is supposed to be an investment. Something that generates income for you whether you decide to get out of bed or not!

Lets' consider the type of things you could do with video documentation.

New staff orientation

Any time you get new staff there are things that they all should know. Showing them around the offices e.g. takes time. Either YOUR time or one of your staff ... that YOU are paying. More often than not, some details are forgotten and the new staff member is never told!

Apprentice Training

Getting access to "cheap" apprentices can be very appealing, but at what cost? Let's face it ... often they are slow to learn and have to be taught over and over. With video you could sit them down, tell them to watch the videos and then you keep an eye on them (or let your systems keep an eye on them, but more on that in coming weeks!) If they mess up (don't all apprentices?) then you tell them to watch the appropriate video again.

Admin Process

Probably the biggest staff turnover tends to happen in reception/admin staff. OK maybe also sales staff, but lets focus on admin for now. "Simple" processes, like doing the banking, clearing the mail, making coffee the way the boss (that's you!) likes it! And remember, it doesn't have to be the boss that creates the videos! In fact, I bet that you probably don't even know everything you staff has to do to keep the business going ... so why not get them to do the videos?

These are just a few examples of things that SHOULD be documented ... but without video it is just too tedious and no one will bother reading it .. or take it in if they do!

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Posted by Philip Scott
29 Mar 2011

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