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by Philip Scott

It's one thing to talk about systems and how good they can be for you and your business, but we have been working on implementing some new systems for SAbona. We are finally starting to see these come to life ... and it's a great feeling.

Systems to me are not just the process of documenting how things should be done ... but also implementing ways to reduce human error, increase efficiency and ultimately improve your business.

Dale Mercer from iSystemize taught us a great way to implement systems in your business. They have a really nice video system to make it easy for people to follow (see www.isystemize.com.au) and we will get them to come and talk at a number of our other venues, but to me one of the keys was breaking your business up into departments ... even if you are only a sole operator! There are still different tasks you have to perform.

Growing from one person to 2, or 10 people to 20 ... all involves the same thing ... these people need to know what to do. If they have a simple step by step process to follow, you get that much closer to owning/running a great business!

Ultimately systems should allow you to get the job done with fewer staff! Computers were always blamed for putting people out of work ... OK a long time ago that was, but the fact is it has increased opportunity and created more jobs.

As a small to medium sized business owner sure it is nice to be able to create jobs for people, but the reason you are in business is not to create jobs, it's to make money. Yes there are lots of ways and I certainly don't profess to know all the answers ... my name is not Richard Branson! The fact is though that systems implemented properly will reduce your wage bill. Or if you look at it another way ... you'll be able to create that many more jobs when your business explodes!

Departments such as those suggested by iSystemize my include Admin, Sales, Operations and many more, but why not look at ways you can use technology to improve those too. I mean really improve, not just use a computer to create an Excel Spreadsheet or type a word document. Computers should be doing the jobs for you!

So in the weeks to come we will explore different products and methods and case studies that are available to us to help our businesses surge ahead like never before!

Posted in business | iSystemize
Posted by Philip Scott
22 Mar 2011

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