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by Philip Scott

Business Systemisation is crucial! But why?

One of the biggest issues that business owners in Australia face are high labour costs.

As a result staff training, staff holidays, unexpected staff sickness (or just not showing up because of a big night before) all have a really big impact on business.

Systemisation is the implementation of procedures and simple documentation outlining all tasks that need to be carried out in a business.

Systemisation reduces your overhead when it comes to training new staff, keeping existing staff performance and efficiencies up, and handling crisis situations when a key staff member leaves or gets sick.

One of the most important benefits of systemisation is CONSISTENCY. Your customers may love you and you may treat them exactly the same all the time, but if you want to grow, or go on holiday, someone else needs to be able to deliver exactly the same consistent results. This can only be done through systems!

I'd like to encourage everyone at breakfasts during the following month to discuss business systems and practical ways of implementing these.

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Posted by Philip Scott
16 Mar 2011

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