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by Christopher da Silva
To think that as I write this article it is almost a year to date since I left South Africa, is truly astonishing. I don’t know how but the memories seem both distant and recent at the same time. Looking back at 2008, I see it as a personal success. If I were to have a New Years Resolution, it would be to take my momentum and run with it - to make hay while the sun shines, and what better time in a young man’s life for the figurative sun to shine than his last year of High School? A year ago, however, things were very different. Some would even say that I had to blow the clouds away and make the sun shine for myself.
2008 was a watershed year for me. I found myself faced with decisions that would affect my attitude and ultimately my success for the rest of my life. These were small decisions prompting a move of school and regarding faith, discipline and commitment and decisions which seemed obvious at the time. When I look around, however, I see people taking the other road, the easy road, all the time. If anyone in ‘Generation Y’ had any foresight, besides the minority, they would realise that the easy road soon becomes far more difficult than the road less travelled: temporary pleasures are, in the end, temporary.
In a country that I initially perceived as more materialistic and brothel filled than anywhere I could remember, and a country that could well have lead me down the easy road, I managed to strengthen my faith and find true blessings that are essential in the pursuit of happiness, which is ultimately the reason for our immigration to this country.
After making these small decisions, success and blessings seemed to fill my 2008: I won a squash trophy, I earned a lead role in a musical, I even had some fortune with the opposite sex, and South Africa won the cricket! But more significant than any of these things is the fact that in a short time I have made some friends worth keeping a lifetime, friends who don’t let you down. Friends who, like a breeze blow the clouds away and keep the sun out so that you can keep making hay. Now whenever the sun disappears here in Australia I know it’s never for too long.
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Posted by Christopher da Silva
15 Feb 2009

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Chris, you are an inspiration to all, not only teens. For a young man to leave evrything he has known to start again, especially at your age and to be so upbeat and positive, is lesson for us older, more jaded people. You are a credit to your parents, your faith and mostly yourself. Well done!
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by Cindy Donald on 02 Mar 2009

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