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by Simone Sleep N.D
If you believe you have a cholesterol problem, then the following could be one of the most important pieces of information you could read.
 Are you nervous, depressed, anxious, or suffer from mood swings, have been diagnosed with cancer, or had a stroke or suffered stroke like symptoms (TIA’s). It could mean your cholesterol is too low. The “Cancer Research Foundation” advises that “Cholesterol that is too low, especially below 4, can cause depression, suicide, stroke and cancer.” At the other end of the scale if your cholesterol is too high your body is trying to warn you to the fact that there is chronic inflamed tissue in your body. This inflamed tissue could be arthritis, overweight, neck, shoulder or lower back pain, fibro myalgia, polymyalgia and digestive pain like reflux, heartburn and bloating just to name a few.
We need more good cholesterol and less bad cholesterol, Sounds easy. If high cholesterol is a problem and you have not found the cause, (not many practitioners look at the pesticide or mercury exposure over a long period of ingestion which causes a problem too) meaning why the body is inflamed, then bringing it down without finding the cause means a lifetime on medication. It is very important to get it right.
Another problem we have is the marketing on our TV and magazines to follow a low-fat diet. Low-fat diets do not protect against cancer and heart disease, the largest study ever to explore the link between food and cancer has found.

An 8 year study of 49,000 women aged 50 to 79 found that those who followed a low-fat diet had the same rate of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cardiovascular disease and stroke as those who ate whatever they wanted. The findings come from the US National Institutes of Health’s US$700 million Women’s Health Initiative. The same study that in 2002 showed hormone replacement therapy was linked to an increased risk of heart disease, breast cancer and stroke. (Pirani, C. The Australian, 9 Feb. 2006). A healthy diet, being physically active and maintaining a healthy body weight is still the best formula for minimizing cancer risk.

Other helpful tips:
› Stay away from low fat products. They replace the fat with sugar which cancer loves to feed off.
› Do not buy margarine it contains nickel for softening which has been proven to be carcinogenic (cancer forming chemical).
› Eat real butter wrapped in paper from supermarkets.
› Cook with coconut oil. It is the only oil that does not go rancid when heated.
› Use coconut milk and cream daily. Great for your health.
› Eat only soft cheeses as they are not over processed e.g. Cambert, Brie, Cottage Cheese, Mozarella, Ricotta etc.
› Stay off white bread, pasta and sugar e.g. jam spreads, ice cream, pastries etc..
Harsh reality: most of what we know about degenerative diseases like cancer is that if you are going to make successful efforts to prevent it, you probably need to start in a younger age group. If you would like to be educated about how to take care of your health email your interest for the next seminar to be held in late February 2009.

Simone Sleep N.D
Specialist in Diabetes
Maldives Resort, Cnr Woodroffe
Ave and Pacific Street,
Main Beach

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Posted by Simone Sleep N.D
15 Feb 2009

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Hi Simone, lovely to have met you yesteday, checked out your site, and couldn't agree more with your article on Cholesterol!....High is mine! 7.3 I think last time, June is the next test. As I mentioned I got it down from 8 to 4 but I hate diets and never follow them. I guess if I stop having sugar in my tea that would help and green tea seems to work wonders to bring down my levels, but being a creature of habit, love at least 2 cups of tea a day. Looking forward to catching up with you. I'm busy until 9th May but after that I'll have some free time. Cheers Carol
Rating: 5 / 5
by Carol Ward on 24 Apr 2009

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