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What do you do when you have a nice home but one that looks tired and drab? This is how Beulah and Pieter of Brisbane felt about their house. However, after reading about ex South African, decorator Deborah Atkins of Red Door Interiors, in an issue of Sabona, Beulah felt that she would be able to relate to their specific needs and she asked her to come to their assistance.
The problem:
The house was impressive from the outside – large and modern, but inside it was dull with all the walls and floors in a beige colour, and it lacked a focal point. There was furniture from all the past eras of their lives, from a Cape Dutch stinkwood dining room suite to 90's wrought iron furniture. Nothing worked cohesively.
The solution:
Deborah suggested the entrance be re-painted in Dulux Mud Skipper, a warm, soft chocolate which instantly creates an impression as you arrive at the front door, especially with the striking new zebra skin rug, the black console table, hall mirror and the white accent pieces. In contrast, the beige walls in the lounge and dining room were painted a brighter, ivory colour (Dulux Berkshire White) and instead of the dark timber venetians and heavy curtains over the windows, these were replaced with off white venetians that reflect light, creating a clean and contemporary look.

New, velvet textured furnishings in ivory, chocolate and Ferrari red, provide the sophisticated drama and the wow factor that was lacking before. Not all the furniture was new though. The stinkwood furniture remains and now looks beautiful in the bright dining room offset with red and white cushions and lots of white accents on the sideboard.

The result:
Now from the front door one looks through from the smudgy brown entrance hall into the lounge room, onto a striking and inviting setting and the family loves their new interior which is both functional and beautiful.

In each issue Deborah will address a decorating problem, so send in your questions (photos will help too) and we will feature a solution in each issue.
Deborah Atkins of Red Door Interiors can be contacted on 0400 590 045. She operates in all areas of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney.
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15 Feb 2009

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Deborah Atkins of Red Door Interiors was so professional in the hard work, effort, care and attention she offered is, when she has changed our "drab" house into a beautiful home. Knowing that she was an ex South African, I felt confident she would know our kind of tastes and preferences. Doing this with alimited budget, very sentimental customers must have been a challenge, but she was up for it. Debbi did a great job working with us, including us by giving us jobs to do to save time and money, delivering the result we wanted and much, much more! We strongly recommend Red Door Interiors to everyone who thinks of getting life back into their homes. Debbi has completely surpassed my expectations! Regards Pieter and Beulah Grobler
Rating: 5 / 5
by Beulah Grobler on 16 Mar 2009

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