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by Jill Hutchison

It's over, the mine's closing – we're out of here!” I experienced a heart-stopping moment as I heard my husband on the phone. Three months later, over 1,000 staff at the Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation were out of a job, including my husband.

We could dwell on thoughts of how unfair the situation was. We loved living in the beautiful coastal village. We moved there from Richards Bay with our three young children, only 18 months before. We were busy building a home – and it felt like the rug had been pulled from underneath us.

What do you want in your life? What do you choose to do or to be?

I chose to focus on what I wanted, even though sometimes I would rather have yelled and screamed!

I believe that attitude is everything. Thoughts cause feelings. You can choose the thoughts that occupy your conscious mind daily.

As a new business owner, my focus was on increasing income. The funny thing was on days when I was focused, I was amazed at how many successful calls I made, how I was invited to speak to business groups far and wide.

On days when I chose to go into town and chat to everyone and hear what friends were facing, even though I still felt optimistic, I barely progressed in increasing income.

You see, when our vibration is low, we don't feel like taking the action to do the things that get us results.

Which feelings and emotions are serving you right now? Sometimes anger or frustration, or both, is what you need to get you out of your comfort zone and into action. But they aren't likely to be productive for long.

Are you feeling like a victim? That the company you worked for gave you a really raw deal? Perhaps they did, but feeling like a victim and allowing it to eat into your soul is not doing anything to the company – it's only destroying you.

Are you feeling angry about leaving Africa? Bitterness twists your soul – and sours all the relationships you have.

If you would like to feel greater happiness, better business success and a more rewarding life, then choose to focus on what is going right. What are you grateful for? What makes you happy right now?

When your mind is occupied by positive thoughts, you are better equipped to deal with the challenges life throws out. If you dwell on injustice, another challenge is going to feel like you're being hit by yet another wave at sea.

The bush fires in Victoria put everything in perspective for us. My heart went out to the devastated families that lost loved ones, homes and animals in the fires. Our issues became so tiny in comparison. We realised how fortunate we actually were.

I also realised how crucial it was to have a coach to hold me accountable to my goals, particularly at a challenging time; to focus my attention on the opportunities that each unique situation was presenting to me.

Look at whatever challenge you face and identify what the problem really is and what it's not. Is it a matter of life and death? Is it a matter of health? Is it about money? Is it about relationships? Is it about business?

What positive memories or events could come out of this that could make a wonderful difference in your life? Sometimes it takes losing someone dear to us to shock us into valuing those left behind.

Wayne Dyer said: “When we change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change.”

Jill Hutchison of Evolve Dynamic is an attitude adjustment coach, LifeSuccess consultant and business partner of Bob Proctor, from the hit movie The Secret.

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Posted by Jill Hutchison
01 Aug 2010

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