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by Simone Sleep

Fish Oil Dosage Causes Confusion

New research has found that while Australians understand the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, they aren't taking the correct dosage. Consumers recognise that omega-3s are the key active ingredients in fish oil, but may not be aware that 1000mg of fish oil does not contain 1000mg of omega-3s.

A study from Blackmores vitamin company on omega-3s showed 40% of fish oil supplement users are only taking 50 to 70% of the National Health and Medical Research Council recommendation of 610mg omega-3s for men and 430mg for women.

Fish oil is good for people who suffer from joint swelling associated with arthritis, helping to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and supporting the brain and nervous system.

Probiotics Reduce Risk of Obesity and Diabetes

The British Journal of Nutrition has published a study which revealed that probiotics, if taken through pregnancy, may lead to fewer cases of diabetes to the mother and reduce risk of childhood obesity and diabetes.

After 24 months of study, the researchers noted the frequency of gestational diabetes was reduced in the group that took the probiotics (by 13%), compared to the diet-placebo group (36%).

Malnourished Community

Did you know up to half of elderly people, and even young people, are very malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. Blood testing is the only way to see if you are utilising the protein, carbohydrates and fats in your daily eating regime.

Most of the clients at my clinic are unable to utilise protein and saturated fats from meat, butter or cream due to a problem with environmental toxic overload. Mercury is one toxic element that has the ability to shut down every single function in our cells. These cells require nutrients to help us function everyday. You may be at risk if you have:

· Silver fillings in your teeth

· Seen many practitioners for your health challenges, but had no real improvement in your health situation

· Fatigue

· Unexplained fat gain and are unable to lose fat or find it difficult to lose

· Brain fog

· Experience multiple diseases

· Experience quick ageing

Recipe of the Month

Here's a refreshing health drink that will alkaline your body and give you an energy boost when you are feeling flat. It is also a fantastic drink for people who have been very sick.

2 tsp of apple cider vinegar

Juice of one fresh lemon

Juice of one lime

San Pellegrino or Perrier water

Mix together in a glass.

Simone Sleep, the director of the Gold Coast Anti-Ageing and Wellbeing Centre, is a specialist in blood chemistry analysis and has a scientific approach to healing people's health challenges.

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Posted by Simone Sleep
01 Aug 2010

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