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by Colin Mackie

We are all victims or recipients of our own self-talk. What we constantly and subconsciously tell ourselves about ourselves and the people we meet and the circumstances we encounter are our ‘attitudes,' our habits of thought.

“I can't do this.” “I am too old (ugly, short, uneducated, tall, clumsy, etc., etc.).” “I hate this (or that, or them,).” “Speak in public. ME! Never!” Most of the self talk that we subject ourselves to is not even there by our own design. Anevent in our past can be immediatelyimprinted into our subconscious and it paralyses our intellect forcing us to believe that this attitude (belief) is

unquestionably accurate.

In excess, these habitual, negative thoughts can become obsessions and phobias and require skilled and professional help to overcome. But the little limiting things that we sometimes accept as truisms can dramatically limit our performance in everyday life.

The greatest discovery of the last century wasn't flight, penicillin, moon landings, the internet or all of the other miraculous technology but the undeniable knowledge that we are who we think we are and that we can redesign ourselves to become whole and true to our OWN thoughts.

We all carry thought-garbage with us throughout our life. Unfortunately, most of us never realize that we have been programmed, either on purpose or accidentally, by our family, friends and those of influence in our life.

Once an idea has been implanted (especially with emotional overtones) it becomes over time a habit of thought that floods our mind with paralysing endorphins that stop us from thinking

either rationally or logically.

Some things in life are so easy that they seem difficult. Re-programming the thoughts that you have accepted and welcomed into your mind constantly for years are not easy to kill and replace.

The process of change is simple. It only requires mental diligence and the strength of character to persevere. Even people who see themselves as weak, procrastinators or as basically possessing a negative attitude, can alter these ingrained thoughts leaving the pathway clear for personal reconstruction.

For instance, say that you had been told, at a particularly vulnerable time in your life, that you were stupid and that you actually did feel embarrassed at that time. Thereafter, for the rest of your life, your mental whispering confirmed this ‘fact' over and over again, you have now been trained.

The mind of man is not too different from any animal in this respect as the part of the brain that controls these thoughts is present in all living animals. It is the part of the brain that works autonomously to protect us, it is the ‘flight or fight' response acting without logic or conscious thought: Both a blessing and a curse. We may not want to believe or accept it, but I would suggest that the number of people whose lives, thoughts, dreams and passions are exclusively their own would be infinitely small.

What we are is a reflection of thoughts, ideas, opinions and events that we have experienced in our lives. These were implanted into our subconscious mind along with the emotions we were experiencing at that time. You may have been seven years old when your teacher asked you a question, you replied with an answer you were proud to respond, but sadly, you were greeted with jeers and laughter from your classmates. The humiliation you experienced flooded your brain with endorphins, the natural opiates produced by the body, your face went scarlet, your body flushed with perspiration, your eyes filled with tears. Forty years later this memory may be lost entirely to your conscious mind, but your sub-conscious never forgets.

The moment you are asked to stand up and talk to your peers, the amygdala in your brain flushes it with the same “fight or flight” endorphins making you quiver at the thought of public


Each of us could be carrying hundreds of these implanted emotions, ready 24/7 to control your true self and make you a prisoner to the past. However, they can be fixed quickly and effectively with understanding and simple systems that have been proven numerous times to have significant results. Positive attitude techniques workshops and seminars are designed for groups of 5 to 15 people and are guaranteed to be effective for those who desire to improve their lives.

Colin S.L. Mackie is the managing director of Enterprise 21, a unique business based on building, growing and developing single enterprises into successful stand-alone or franchise chains. Enterprise 21 conducts attitude modification seminars and workshops for groups of people. For more information see http://www.enterprise21.com.au/.

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Posted by Colin Mackie
20 Aug 2009

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