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by Huguenot Hottentot

Lots of Sharks and Bulls but no Storm or Lion and Cheetah frenzy

The Super 14 is already taking its familiar team position format as far as the South African teams are concerned with the two big guns from Durban and Pretoria stamping their authority and class right from the start. The question on all Bulls tragics out there is whether they can they travel well this year, they have to negotiate the Hurricanes ( very tough ), Highlanders ( do-able ), Crusaders (can be done as they are showing cracks at last, the mighty Crusaders ), Waratahs ( extra tough ), Bumbies (hard in Canberra ).

Sharks have got off to flyer beating both the Chiefs and Blues on their away tour. Reds and Force to come, games you would back them to win, it could be a dream start for South Africa's premier side with six out of six. This could go long way to booking a home final in Durbs. The big clash against the professional but boring Waratahs happens on weekend 13 in Durban which will be vital game.
For all those long suffering Reds fans, your time is coming, they are playing the game the way it should be played. I predict exciting times for the Reds from next season and I think they will cause a few upsets before this year's campaign is over. There are a lot of very good young players in Australia at the moment - wouldn't it be great to see a Wallaby/Springbok final at the next World Cup? Looking at the draw it is a very distinct possibility with South Africa in line to meet the All Blacks in the semi finals. Perfect scenario for all South Africans living in Australia which brings up that question that causes plenty of debate - who do you support? A lot of my friends have switched over to supporting the Wallabies which is fair enough and makes sense but there some of us who I think will never switch, it's in the blood. Like trying to eat this horrible stuff called jerky after you have been spoiled by sensational tasting biltong or substituting snags with boerewors.

The South African players also have the extra incentive of the British Lions visiting Africa this year which only happens every 12 years. The older readers will never forget some of classic encounters between the Boks and Lions. So lots of rugger to look forward - my semi final prediction in order is Sharks, Waratahs, Hurricanes and the Bulls. So get out there and support for team - my theory as A South African living Australia support two teams: Your Africa team and your local boys. Rugby is the game!

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Posted by Huguenot Hottentot
22 Apr 2009

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