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by Natasha Naidoo, Naidoo Spices, QLD Australia
Hand selected herbs and spices, roasted, ground and authentically blended into traditional Indian Masala recipes of South Africa. All our products are made up of only spices and contain NO additives, preservatives, colouring or dyes and are also GLUTEN FREE.

For the past 11 years I have been educated in the art of blending Indian curry powder, masala, acquiring knowledge from culinary experts and our traditional family recipes, to authenticate the flavours that will satisfy the most discerning tastes of all South Africans.

Formerly from Durban, South Africa, now residing in Australia since 1979, I have realized the need to obtain spice products from home. Having also had the privilege of marrying a wonderful Indian guy from Chatsworth, Durban, South Africa, gave me an opportunity to explore South African, Indian cuisine, learning traditional Indian cooking from his family, utilising selected herbs and spices roasted, ground and blended authentically to produce such dishes as the well known Hot Durban Curry, Breyarni, Ahkni Pilau, Cape Malay Curry, the delicious Roti bread and lets not forget to mention the Pickles and Chutney's.

Since living in our new home 'Australia' my parents and our friends, over the 30 years or more have called on relatives, travelling to South Africa to bring us Spices and Curry Powder, only to hope it will last until the next opportunity, we have also had to substitute with the few imported commercial South African Curry Powder blends that became available over time or adapted to the Asian Curry Pastes when the stocks get low.
I believe and I think most would agree, there is nothing more delicious and satisfying than the authentic South African, Indian Curry Powder, Masala that you purchase in the Indian neighbourhoods of South Africa, made to traditional masala recipes handed down from generation to generation. The flavour and aromatics produced when preparing a curry is undeniably delicious and can never be substituted. As they say S.A “ Durban Curry, once tasted never wasted”.
Blended and packaged, fresh, in Queensland, using authentic, traditional South African, Indian masala, family recipes, we take pride in making these products available to the Australian Market, so everyone can enjoy the delicious flavours of South African, Indian cuisine.
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Posted by Natasha Naidoo, Naidoo Spices, QLD Australia
15 Feb 2009

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