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by Bosveld Koos
Sorry! 15 Feb 2008

How very big of the little man – Smiley did what JH never could and apologised to the Aboriginal folk in Australia. BK now wonders how long it will be before the knocking on his door starts with the hat in the hand and the other hand held out. Funny how such a “proud” people have no problem asking for money.

So if this is the start of an international trend, the Idiot will apologise to the Red Indians, Sexy Helen will apologise to the Beige Brigade (BK is not too sure who will apologise on behalf of the Maori to the Maoriori who was here first – really), T-Bone will apologise to the !Xoi and San people – and maybe leave the apology to the white folks until what is current is history, if you know what I mean. But we know that will never happen – as with the terrible disease (who cannot be named, but it sounds like “Azaleas In Die Skaduwee”), as soon as you admit that it is there, then money has to start changing hands. So South Africa doesn't have a pandemic, the Bushmen weren't hard done by, the white folks are being treated fair and just – everything is rose-coloured, or should I say everything is ok, for fear of being classified a racist for mentioning rose-coloured anything…

Put an end to the electricity crisis! 2 Feb 2008

BK had to laugh the other day when an advert stated that you could bring your old bicycle in for a trade-in. The joke was of course that the bicycle shop promised to send your old bike to Africa. A picture of a large container ship sidling up to a beach in Africa (much like the movie Madagascar) and opening up a large hatch, dumping thousands of bicycles on the beach came to mind.

But then BK started thinking – ja, I know it is difficult to believe, but it does happen sometimes! BK started thinking about those headlights we used to have on our old “dikwielfietse” – you know the one with the little dynamo running on the back wheel. And the current electricity crisis in South Africa – put two and two together and get full points for a brilliant plan!

If all the thousands of second hand bicycles from Kiwiland were fitted with dynamos and lined up on the beach, everyone can take turns to “spin” – not only do you get rid of the “overweight” problem, but you also make a lot of electricity! To motivate people, you can reverse tax it – the more tax you pay (and contribution you make to society) the less you have to spin. The unemployed will be put to work, contributing energy instead of money – and staying off the streets at the same time (because, let's face it: anything you can buy at the traffic light, you can buy in the store as well). There you have it – two birds with one stone doodgeskietfontein!


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Posted by Bosveld Koos
02 Apr 2008

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Do not put all Aboriginal people into the same basket as was the case in South Africa, were many people, just had one sentence..the only good kaffir is a dead kaffir, and that was a fact with most people, no wonder there is so much payback by the Blacks in our beloved land South Africa
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by Karooseun on 28 Jun 2009

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