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by Roderick Walmsley
Local Fishing Guru, Roderick Walmsley says wife Yolanda believes that his fishing is more of an addiction than a passion. He agrees, saying “If I haven't been fishing for a few days I get stroppy and she actually chases me out of the house to go and get my ‘fix'.” Rod began fishing at the age of 3, inspired and patiently guided by both his father and grandfather.
His early love for the sport saw him pitting himself against fellow anglers in local tournaments. This led to Springbok representation at both senior and junior levels fishing in the World Championships held in France and Germany.
"This eventually led to me representing South Africa as a Springbok at both senior and junior levels fishing in the World Championships held in France and Germany. Both of these events were by far the highlight of my fishing career. "
When not competing, Roderick worked as a captain of a fishing vessel (surprise surprise) on one of their two squid freezer vessels that operated out of Port Elizabeth harbour. Rod who has fished for pleasure and for a living shares some of the local knowledge he's picked up the three years he's been
on the Gold Coast.
Australia and South Africa share many fish species. They are identical in habit as well as appearance. I first had to get used to the different names of these fish and quickly found out that a “Tailor” was not someone who made clothes but actually a Shad or Elf. Jewfish or Mulloway are the same as a Kabeljou, Yellow tail are Kingfish and Kingfish are GT's. Am I confusing you yet?
An Aussie fishing trip: “I went out on Monday arvo and had a ripper of a day. The fish chewed their heads off but the conditions were fairly ordinary.” In basic English this translates directly to me catching a lot of fish.
Jokes aside I have come to love the Gold Coast in the three years that I have called it my home. I have made many friends in the fishing industry and have started to get back into the tournament fishing as well as just going down to the river and wetting a line for the pure enjoyment of it.
I am a fanatical lure fisherman and I have found that most species in Australia eat lures; even the ones without teeth have a go. This makes going for a quick fish before work easier for me, as I don't have to spend time gathering bait. I just grab a rod and a few lures and head down to my local river. I soon found out after several frustrating land-based expeditions that I needed a small boat to make the most of the waterways on the Gold Coast, so I bought myself a small tinnie. This enables me to traverse the dams as well as the creeks terrorising the fish populations as I go. Once this was fitted with a bow mounted electric motor I had the fish fearing for their lives!
So if you see a mad “Japie” tearing around the waterways of the Gold Coast in a small tinnie with lures and rods sticking out of it like a porcupine then come over and say howdy, who knows I might even convince you to come for a fish!
Good fishing!
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Posted by Roderick Walmsley
01 Jun 2007

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