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by Gretel Breytenbach
John and Sharon Russell had a dream. For too many years they watched excited families buy boats, only to sell them again a year or two later, because, it would seem, they never got to use them. Realising that lack of time and energy is a sad fact in most people's lives, they wondered how they could better service the industry and make luxury boating accessible to more people. And so the concept of Boatshare was born.
The concept of sharing a boat is simple: A number of families own a boat together with a management company that handles monies, maintenance, cleaning and servicing. For those who are time poor, this concept is appealing. For those of you who have ever owned a boat, no doubt you'll relate to the time and energy that maintenance and servicing requires.
In 1999, the entrepreneurial couple created Boatshare, a company committed to making boating pleasurable again. They succeeded so spectacularly, that after only 8 years of running Boatshare Australia, they've teamed up with prestigious Riviera Boats to implement the concept as Riviera Syndication.

Taking boat sharing to a whole new level is one of the hallmarks of Riviera Syndication. Riviera Syndication promises all the luxury and comfort associated with Riviera cruisers with the added benefits of full service, optional valet services, professional tuition and shared cost.
Making the most of these added benefits is the Vanstone Family, who have shared the boatsharing adventure with the Russells almost from the very beginning. Ross Van Stone, one of the inaugural Boatshare members, is thrilled with Riviera Syndication.
“They're a professional outfit, well organised and committed to delivering a quality product” he said
In fact, while visiting the factory in Coomera, Ross noted that “it's so clean and orderly you could eat your tea off the floor!” This says a lot about a company that is recognised world-wide as one of the best in the boat building industry. Their attention to creating a quality product and exceptional customer service is well-known, and highly regarded, guaranteeing that the Riviera Syndication experience will be more than just memorable.
According to John, the days of spending precious relaxation time on the arduous tasks of cleaning and maintenance are long gone.
From the hassle of cleaning, maintaining, washing down, organising and all the other “pleasures” of single owner boat ownership, families (and businesses!) now have the opportunity to experience a luxury product, luxuriously! Imagine stepping on board during your allocated time, enjoying the pure pleasure of boating, and stepping off without having to worry about a single thing. And for those who have little or no boating experience, Riviera Syndication offers a comprehensive boat use and safety training program. As an added bonus, Sharon brings her experience in the travel industry to Riviera Syndication, creating spectacular events and todie- for trips exclusively for members! Now there's nothing left to do but discover the wonderful waterways that Queensland has to offer!
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Posted by Gretel Breytenbach
01 Jun 2007

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