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by Roderick Walmsley

Wow! Time really flies. I wonder if it is because of our progressive years or simply because there seem to be so many more things that we have to cram into one day. Our little boy has had his magical first birthday, even though it seems like only a short while ago that I was holding my wife's hand in the delivery room. He is walking and creating havoc around the Walmsley household as most one year olds do. I made the regrettable mistake of introducing him to his first fishing rod. He was constantly trying to get hold of mine while I was rigging them up prior to my next fishing trip. I eventually got tired of saying ‘no' (as we do) and grabbed an old rod with the tip section missing and put a reel on it for him.

Well, the rest, as they say, is history. The rod seems to be his favourite toy. He carries it with him all over the house. Unfortunately, all the household goodies that we had moved out of his grabbing range, now seem to be accessible with the tip of his new rod.

I have already got the “it's all your fault” from my loving wife and I accept the blame fully. It has given us some funny moments and I guess that my father had to put up with something very similar so I am simply getting my just desserts.

The fishing has actually been pretty good considering the shocking run of weather we experienced leading up to winter. Constant rain and wind have not made fishing very easy, but the rivers, creeks and inshore reefs did need it.

We expect a really good winter season with all the signs already looking good. Some good snapper, yellowtail and Giant Trevally have already been caught and this should only be the start of things to come. Many of the dams in Queensland and northern New South Wales are looking a lot better with water going over some dam walls.

This life-giving rain should help the winter bassing improve as the low water levels last year made for some extremely tough fishing. The barra dams have been through a very difficult few months. There has been the occasional flurry of activity, but these have been very few and far between.

Fishing has been tough to say the least and many punters have returned from the dams without so much as a bite for their troubles. The winter season last year was a good one with much experimenting with new techniques helping to improve the fishing. We can only hope that the situation improves and we can still head up there for the odd trip with the hope of catching a metery.

Bring on the cold early mornings, beanies, jackets and some red hot fishing, I say! Good fishing to you all.

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Posted by Roderick Walmsley
25 Jun 2009

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