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by Roderick Walmsley

The time around Valentine's day is a time for reminiscing for me, as this was the time that I actually met my lovely wife.

She often reminds me I took advantage of the fact that she was a timid “plaasmeisie” and I was a streetwise city bloke. We have been together now for more than 10 years and married for 5 of those and I recently received some truly special news and it looks like we will be having a little Aussie towards the end of April this year.

I have already allocated a special spot on my new boat for a baby chair and will start moving all my fishing tackle into a separate room under lock and key, away from little hands. I can vividly remember my dad telling me never to touch another one of his reels again, after he couldn't find the pieces he needed to re-assemble it with. I always used to help him out by stripping them for him, well that is what I thought I was supposed to do. Anyway back to the fishing.

I have only managed to get out on one or two of my Mondays off for a quick fish in between all the rain. The dams have been firing on all cylinders with anglers experiencing some amazing fishing with the rising water. Good numbers of bass have been coming out on spinner baits, soft plastic as well as hard bodies fished tight up against the bank.

Unfortunately this action usually tapers off once the water levels settle and the summer water temperatures get too hot. The better fish then move out to the deeper water and can be found with the aid of a fish finder off the main lake points or on the edges of the submerged creek channel.
All the rain that we have had should only improve the fishing in the coming months. On a trip out on the Broadwater at Southport I was gob smacked at the amount of bait that was schooled up in the rivers as well as the open flats. Tailor, bream, trevally and just about every other predatory species was getting stuck into it. As the waters in the estuaries clean up they should fish better and better, with the fish following the cleaner water up into the upper reaches of the river systems. If the rain continues though, the better fishing will be around the river mouths as it has been for the last few months.
The offshore summer game fishing season should be in full swing by this time. At the time of writing the guys were getting marlin, dolphin fish, wahoo and plenty of tuna species trolling the offshore baitgrounds with hard bodies and skirted lures. When the lures aren't getting the bites, then switch to live baiting. If you have a few kids on board then they tend to have more fun catching the live-baits on bait jigs than trolling for the bigger fish.

By the time this article reaches you I should be in possession of the new boat ( baby chair and all) and tearing around the water ways terrorising the local fish populations once again. I have given a bit of thought as to what my young lad should be doing with his spare time and reckon that it should either be golf or tennis. At least these sports seem to have a better chance of generating money rather than pouring it into the black hole that we love to call fishing tackle.

Catch you on the water


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Posted by Roderick Walmsley
16 Feb 2008

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