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by Cheryl Goodenough

When you buy your loved one a gift from Oxfam Australia and Operation Uganda, you're bringing joy to the recipient of the present, as well as joy, and so much more, to people in Africa.

Oxfam Australia

Oxfam Australia works with people affected by HIV and AIDS around the world, helping them regain a sense of hope. Their work in Southern Africa includes training and supporting home-based carers who, with Oxfam's support, provide care to sick, elderly and orphaned people.

Oxfam believes that HIV and AIDS is more than a health issue. HIV and AIDS causes poverty and poverty fuels the HIV pandemic. HIV and AIDS affect millions of adult women and men whose work drives their countries' economies and services, and who care for the young and old.

To succeed in their mission to overcome poverty and suffering Oxfam strives to break the cycle of cause and effect that links HIV and AIDS and poverty.

Oxfam Australia works with local partners throughout Southern Africa, as well as other areas. Their approach includes:
  • Working with vulnerable people to help them protect themselves and reduce the impact of the epidemic on their lives;
  • Supporting programs that increase awareness about HIV and AIDS and address behaviours that put people at risk of infection;
  • Supporting treatment programs which provide care and support to people affected by HIV and AIDS;
  • Helping households and communities to survive and recover from the impacts of the epidemic through home-based care, and support for health, education and welfare systems; and
  • Campaigning at local, national, regional, and global levels to press governments and other donors to provide the $10 billion a year needed for universal HIV and AIDS prevention work, treatment and care.

"I am an orphan today, tomorrow and forever. I am left alone without a grandmother and a mother, taken by you, killer disease." The words of a South African child.

Support Oxfam Australia this Christmas

Buy gifts from an Oxfam shop around Australia or online

Purchase an Oxfam Unwrapped gift card

Make a once-off or monthly donation to Oxfam's project or campaign work

Buy a Christmas tree (if you're in Melbourne)

Create your own fundraiser using Oxfam's resource kit

Contact Oxfam Australia


Operation Uganda

Started in 2004 by a Queensland family who moved to Uganda, this organisation currently cares for 200 children. Assembly of God ministers Russell and Jenny Barton lost all their possessions in a house fire in 2004. Realising that possessions weren't so important, they decided that they wanted to help make a difference in the world.

The non-government organisation bought a piece of land in Kasubi, Kampala and runs Jordan House, which consists of a children's home, community centre and church. Some children live at the house, while others live with carers in the community, but rely on the centre for food, medical assistance and other care.

In order to help the community become self-sustaining, Operation Uganda is training women to make jewellery and other crafts, which are being sold through the organisation in Australia. Operation Uganda has independent sales people who sell the products at home parties, fetes, schools and other events. The women who make the crafts earn more than the average Ugandan wage, but they have also gained a sense of dignity and purpose.

The Barton's vision for Operation Uganda includes a mothers and babies medical centre and the establishment of businesses that would help school leavers to learn skills and earn a living.

Teams visiting Jordan House, as well as volunteers, who visit for a minimum of six months, help the organisation extensively. A recent team from Tasmania raised money for a mobile medical vehicle that will operate as a clinic staffed by a nurse who can assist people who with general medical needs and are unable to get them attended to.

Operation Uganda is having an impact on the nation of Uganda by rescuing lives, one child at a time.

Support Operation Uganda this Christmas

Sponsor a child: $45 a month

Buy a Christmas hamper: $30 each

Contribute to the Rescue Fund: From $10 a month

Buy jewellery and crafts: Up to $30

Join Operation Uganda as a salesperson: No cost

Contact Operation Uganda


1300 795 303

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Posted by Cheryl Goodenough
10 Dec 2009

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