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by Christine Walker

Making changes to facilitate growth in your business

Making change happens for the benefit of everyone, but it takes vision, planning, personal drive and personal leadership.
As a woman in business it is often very hard to implement change in our business because it takes some very tough decisions and even the possible need to let some staff go to achieve the intended goals. Some women see themselves as open to change, yet lack many of the key skills needed to turn dreams into reality. Even so, there are clear-cut actions that are effective that a Leader/Business Woman can make to deliver results consistently.
  • See the end goal and don't get caught up in the details.
  • Focus on the big picture, and don't be distracted by daily tasks and problems.
  • Select team players who have a positive, enthusiastic attitude. (There's no place on a change-focused team for someone who has negative attitudes or behaviours. He or she will drag everyone else down, and stop people from focusing on the opportunities for change.
  • Recruit team players who can handle more than one job well. This doesn't mean multi-tasking, which really doesn't work very well. Actually, studies show that multitasking, doing several things at the same time like talking on the phone while reading a memo or attending a meeting, doesn't work. That behaviour causes people to do several things not as well as if they'd given their full attention to a single task before moving on to a new task. But a good team player can manage several projects at once moving from one task to another and keeping all projects moving forward efficiently and effectively.

Select team members who:

  • Communicate openly and honestly. Any holding back of feelings or thoughts will cripple a team.
  • Trust each other and share opinions openly and respectfully.
  • Resolve conflict constructively and as quickly as possible. The team may have to agree on the ways they'll handle conflict.
  • Know and accept that they need and depend on each other.
  • Stay focused on the agreed-upon goal and take ownership of it.

Can your people change?

Now for the tough part: People who don't have most of these qualities really aren't open to change. If you want to create an environment for change, let your people know what's expected and ask if they can commit to new behaviour. Be a mentor to them through the process, and let them know that the new behaviour isn't negotiable. They need to know they have two options: change their behaviour or be replaced. Otherwise, they'll stop the team from succeeding.
As women in business we have to be constantly open to change so that our success can be assured.
Christine Walker
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Posted by Christine Walker
26 Nov 2007

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