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by Pia Rousseau

Break-Of-Lease Support to Tenants...and Landlords!


Finally! An experienced, independent agent offering a long sought after service who understands wanting out from your lease early does not make you a bad tenant! Of course, we categorically do not subscribe to or encourage this practice; rather, as licensed and registered real estate agent, LetOnly.com considers it our duty of care to control and manage the potential fall out of this unfortunate event as professionally and efficiently as possible. That is the only way to really look after the landlord's interests. On the other hand, tenants who pay the break of lease penalty, have a consumer right to appoint a secondary letting agent to work on their behalf, if they so choose to. This objective service is now available for the first time in Brisbane!

Where there is a managing agent involved already, we use our expertise and database to seek a suitable replacement tenant to accept the same terms and conditions of the existing lease on behalf of the current tenant. We facilitate this situation in a prompt, fair and professional manner to bring a win/win outcome for all parties involved, in full compliance to PAMD Act 2000 and Industry best practice procedures, as recommended by the REIQ.

Your letting appointment to us will mean the following dedicated focus:

  • Objective and respectful clarification of the RTA and REIQ-rules
  • Quality advertising of the property on the net;
  • As many as 2 Open for Inspections per week;
  • Tenant screening and reference checking; and un-biased liaison with the agent/landlord on your behalf.
It is so important to act pro-actively on the landlord's behalf in order to minimize not only loss to the owner, but also potential damage if this process drags out too long!
Don't put up with it anymore: call me today!
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Posted by Pia Rousseau
29 Oct 2008

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