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by Philip Scott
I've been talking a lot about systems to help make your business more efficient.
I believe these systems are crucial when it comes to running a profitable business. Of course, if you don't have any business to start with ... it doesn't help you much!
I read a book last year (OK technically I actually listened to it on my iPhone while driving from and to work ... just trying to be more efficient!). It was a brilliant book called "The lean start up".
I remember early in my business career I started up what seemed to be the next big thing. Everybody loved the concept (almost as much as me!). I started researching the most advanced phone systems to allow for all the phone calls we were going to get.
We never got any.
There is a fine balance between appearing professional to your customers and over-investing on things that don't generate sales. Unless you have customers the most amazing systems won't do anything for your business.
More than ever before I find myself dealing with people who are starting up new business now, so my question to you is:
If you were to start your business all over again, what would you do to get customers through the door (or to your website, or calling etc).
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Posted by Philip Scott
26 Mar 2012

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Search Engine Optimisation is required after setting up ur Website . Keep refreshing and update your web and advertising regularly. Macdonalds keep advertising, do they need to Research shows their sales and profits are up higher than competitors Hungry Jacks. Regular repitition of your brand ,conditioning your target market and Adding a WOW factor .all important factors to building and growing a clientelle
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by Michael Wendijk on 31 Mar 2012

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