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by Philip Scott
It's funny (well it is to me) how sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads our newsletters ... and then one week we don't send out a newsletter and no-one shows up for breakfast!
Oh and of course I get quite a few comments from people when I visit breakfast locations that I don't normally get to attend! Comments like "You're just promoting your own businesses!" ... ok so I know it's working :)
Anyway I'm sorry I missed the newsletter last week. It was a rather crazy week! We had to go up to Brisbane on a number of occasions for demos of some new printing production equipment we are wanting to buy. It is amazing how far technology has come in just a short amount of time. SO it is a very exciting time for geeks like Shane and I!
So do I have a point about systems today? Of course I do!
It is important that no matter what, no matter how busy you get, you need to spend at least a little bit of time every week to improve your systems!
We're hoping to employ some students in our printing business soon to do some of the more mundane tasks like, making copies, doing laminating, doing plan printing, making coffee!
So today I've been recording some videos on my iPhone of how I like the laminating to be done. I simple task you may think, but even that is important to document!
I did some more tweaking on our workflow system too. When we have a print job ready for collection, an invoice is now automatically printed, and if a job is marked for delivery, a delivery docket is automatically printed. May seem simple, but because our system is web-based (so we can access it from anywhere including on the road from our iPhones), printing requires a web to print interface which I had to build ... it was fun and it works perfectly ... yes I know a shameless promotion of how skilled I am :) (OK clearly I have spent far too much with my 10 year old son!)
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Posted by Philip Scott
20 Mar 2012

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