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by Philip Scott
So often I get the same answers when I ask one of my potential new clients "what is the biggest problem you face in business?"
"I don't have enough time" or "If I want it done right I have to do it myself"
Their ultimate solution: "If only I had a clone of myself"
Well their is a way to clone yourself, without crossing any ethical boundaries!
Fact is, almost ANY system is better than NO system, but when it comes to the "best", then there is only one ... the one that was designed specifically for YOUR business.
The best is to start small, systemise small parts of your business that don't upset the normal operation. Get that working, then improve it. Most importantly, remain consistent in your efforts to improve it.
Don't buy a "one solution fits all system" ... you need to go through the process yourself, or work with someone closely to do it ... don't let someone do it for you, you need to be involved in the process yourself.
What you'll end up with is a clone of yourself ... well if you're diligent a clone minus the bad parts :)
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Posted by Philip Scott
09 Nov 2011

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This sounds very familiar: people thinking they own a business, when in fact they only own a job. A true business owner can go away for 6 months or more and come back to find their business more successful than when they left. If not, you're not a true business owner. You just own your job. Want to find out how can really be a true business owner? Contact me at avrilsellars@bigpond.com
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by Avril Sellars on 11 Nov 2011

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